Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When a Large Family Gets the Flu

Notice the sad feverish eyes : (

Well, the flu hit our house this past month and it really wasn't very fun.  Only my oldest and youngest had gotten the flu shot (I'm not big on immunizations and my pediatrician told me it was influenza B going around this year, which isn't as bad as A or H1N1.)
I'm not exactly sure where we picked it up.  My 12 year old son did have a friend over and the next day he, the friend, came down with the flu, but the funny thing is, my 12 year old never got the flu.  So, it could of been anywhere we picked it up.  My girls and my 9 year old son had it the worst.  It always seems like my smallest or thinnest get hit the hardest.  They had high fever for a few days, actually MK had fever for 5 days!  I had it mildly and my husband and 18 year old boy also never got it.  It really wasn't too bad.  We really upped our intake of vit. C, garlic and fluids.  I had one of my oldest daughter's teachers at her Christian school say, "well, that's one reason not to have a large family.......sickness goes through everyone and takes forever to get rid of!"  Actually this comment made me a little mad.  I don't think we ended up having it in the house longer than a small family.  We just hibernated for a while and it was so sweet seeing everyone take care of everyone else.  We made it through and now are glad we don't have to worry about it anymore this season.

MK helping me make tea and hot cocoa for all the sick ones


  1. and why does one need reasons not to have a large family? ugh, what a statement...
    I think you should write a book on all the reasons to have a large family =)
    Hope you all recover quickly!
    blessings, Sheri

  2. So glad you are all on the mend. We had just one of ours get it and unbelieveably somehow it didn't spread. That comment would have bothered me too:( Becca, you look great by the way. We have 9 more weeks to go... but really only 6 also because of various complications I am having. Praying for safe and smooth delivery for you. I am curious of the names that mom likes... This is the first time we have known the sex of the baby and have decided on Levi for this little guy. Praying for you!


  3. that is such a good picture. can't believe her teacher said that. :( you're such a great mom and you look more and more beautiful every day! can't wait to see you with that baby boy in your arms and your wonderfully big family surrounding you! love you!

  4. You look fantastic.
    I find sometimes it seems we get everything (illness) and then praise God, we have sometimes when we get nothing.
    Sounds like you enjoy taking care of your family- sick or healthy. What a great mommy.

  5. You,look amazing!!

    Boy people wait for the chance to jab large families with their closed minded views!Uggh!

    Glad everyone is feeling better.We just got over some yuckiness here!God bless you,and your beautiful family!

  6. I'm glad all of you are well. (((hugs)))

  7. I am glad you all are better!! It it our home a while ago. It was yucky. I am saddened by that comment from your daughter's teacher. What makes me sad too are all the Christians that also believe this way.

  8. I had to ask you- you said that your youngest and oldest got the shots. Did they get sick at all?? I am curious because I am not big on the vaccinations either??

  9. "well, that's one reason not to have a large family.......sickness goes through everyone and takes forever to get rid of!"

    That comment does not even make sense.

  10. To answer Anonymous' question, my 2 that got the flu shot did not get sick. I do know some people (like my son's PT) that got the flu shot and still got the flu, so who knows!

    Also, my daughter wanted me to add that when her teacher made that comment to her she replied, " I have more than one argument for you that would refute that!" She's on the debate team : )

  11. Such a Ridiculous comment!!

    Amazingly, we had only ONE CHILD get the flu this year!!! i couldn't believe it! Usually, once one gets it it spreads through the house like wildfire! I did give plenty of extra vitamin D to all, Tummy Tune Up and Elderberry (from beeyoutiful.com) and all the normal precautions and we were spared! Praise God! My Dad got the flu shot this year, and had his worst case ever of the flu!!!!!

    I am So Not into Immunizations! Especially NOT for babies!!!!! some of my kids have some of their shots . . . well, your're not interested in all of that! Just amazed, because the more I read, the more I see that we seem to have in common!!

    We have a stomach bug going through the family right now. that is why I am up in the middle of the night reading and writing books on your blog! :) I am "sleeping" in the family room on the love seat. Up with the latest victim! ;)


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