Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Prolactin and Oxytocin.....The Mommy Drugs

God is so awesome and has made us so wonderfully.  I think the way He has created our bodies to breastfeed is incredible.  I love prolactin and oxytocin!  Did you know that prolactin and oxytocin are not only bonding hormones, but are "love" hormones.  I won't get into an anatomy lecture on how a mother's body releases these hormones when we nurse.  They are basically what make the milk and make it "let down."  The awesome thing is that prolactin causes a flood of love and bonding and oxytocin in a relaxing hormone.  I know that I feel so much different when I am nursing.  I'm not naturally a calm, relaxed person.  I can be very intense at times and "emotional."  I also am very high energy and my husband thinks I'm rather hyper.  When I'm a nursing Mom, however, I'm so much more chilled and relaxed.  The messy house and dirty kitchen don't bother me quite so much (and yes, at this time in my life things are pretty messy ;) Nancy Campbell in her devotional "The Power of Motherhood" (which is awesome by the way and you can buy it at has an entire chapter on breastfeeding.  She says, "Every time time milk lets down the mother experiences the feeling of relaxation and calm and often becomes sleepy.  God is good.  When we do things His way, we get His benefits.  He knows that mothers need this calming affect and He has graciously provided it for us."   God knows I so desperately need these benefits right now!

My little nursing champ is 3 weeks old already and is eating constantly.....well, almost : )


  1. He is just so sweet! Great post. You look great!

  2. Love, love, love nursing pics! So sweet and precious :) I also love the calming loving feeling I get while nursing! I have friends tell me that they think I keep having babies, just so I can keep nursing forever...that could be one of the reasons :)

  3. Those boys are always so hungry aren't they? He is precious.

  4. You are absolutely right! :) I have noticed I naturally get tense when I'm busy trying to get something done and she suddenly wants to be nursed. I frantically try to finish what I'm doing before I 'have to sit and nurse'. When will I learn? ;) As soon as I sit to nurse my priorities are quickly shoved back into place because I'm relaxed and sooo totally head over heels in love all over again. Who cares if the dishes ever get loaded. That's what paper plates are for. ;) I recently read an article that is wonderful called The Normal Newborn. It addresses this a bit too. Google it, it's a wonderful read.

  5. Oh, my heart leapt at the picture of you nursing your little one and then again to see that precious baby! The one thing I miss the Most about having little ones is breastfeeding! After reading your post, I'm reminded exactly Why I miss it so much. It is so relaxing and comforting some how, such a simple Joy in the midst of life's trials and chaos! I miss those very special times when a little baby would stop guzzling and look up at me with milk dribbling down his or her chin! Ahhh! Sweet Memories! Thanks for the precious reminder! I am also a Christian Momma of Ten -- but my baby is now a precocious 6 and my oldest will be 26 this summer. Those years surely fly by even when we think they are dragging along! Enjoy your Baby! By the way, your big fellas sure are handsome!

  6. I agree wholeheartedly. I nursed all mine, and I always got that calming feeling, and looking down at my baby while nursing...oh, the feelings of love that flow through me at that time - words don't do it justice.


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