Saturday, April 2, 2011

#9's Adjustment to #10

My cute little #9 still looks happy, right?

Well, Mattie is not the baby anymore, but I really don't think he has missed a beat.  He's not a Mama's boy at this point in his life, so I think that has made the transition a little smoother for me and him.  He is a real Daddy's boy.  In fact, he loves all men, especially older men.  When we go to the store or wherever, he reaches out and waves to all the men.  He really wants them to hold him and gets kind of sad when some men just ignore him.  He has no stranger anxiety.  Maybe that just comes with the Down Syndrome.  He also has yet to show any jealousy towards the baby.  At first he was very shy, like almost afraid of him, especially when Patrick would cry his newborn cry.  Now he is more interested in him and likes to touch him and give him his pacifier.  Whenever he sees me nursing him, which is just about all the time, Mattie does his little eating sign.  It's so cute!  Overall, I think he is adjusting just fine, but sometimes I'm sad because I don't get to spend as much time with him just playing.  He has had to grow up some and get more independent, which basically means just making messes and getting into trouble.  All the kids have been watching him more and playing outside with him a lot.  I'm so glad I have all of them around and that they are not at school all day, because I need the help. This is the first time that I have had 2 non-walkers.  It's quite a challenge, but hopefully Mattie will be walking soon.  

I've been sleeping a good bit later since Patrick was born.  One morning my husband went in later than usual to get Mattie out of bed and found MK keeping him company and keeping him happy so Mama could sleep.  Ron thought they were so cute together and snapped this pic with his cell phone : )


  1. Adorable! Glad he is adjusting well to new baby. I am glad to have mine home too! They are great helpers. Blessings, Marla

  2. How sweet!
    Just came across your blog and so glad I did! Enjoyed reading over it, especially since we both have 10 children!!

  3. I've never seen such BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYES!

    BTW, if you ever want to chat . . .

  4. I love the last picture- adorable.


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