Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The "Drama" of the Day

Most families with a few kids have the "drama of the week" but those of us with larger families have the "drama of the day" or possibly even the "drama of the hour."  Can anybody else testify to this?!

Above you see a precious picture of my Ellie trying to show everyone her first lost tooth, well actually the space where it was : )  This is the good kind of drama, until the tooth fairy is out of town and his assistant is up so much with the baby that she forgets to leave the money!  To make up for it, the sweet parents splurged and gave her a $5 bill!

Well, we've had more drama than usual is a sampling of some of the more interesting drama that has gone in the past week or so:

More tooth of my sons, who will remain nameless, had his permanent front tooth come completely out!  Due to a football injury it was weak, and he chewed on a pen and it broke off.  This was major drama for the mom and boy for about a week until it was fixed.  Thank the Lord we live in modern times!

Neighbor drama......another son, who also will remain nameless as well, caused the neighbor boy to get 7 stitches.  This happened during my mom's group when Ron was out of town and I was told nothing about it until the neighbor mom called here as my group was ending and she was pretty mad.  Of course, it was all an accident but tears were shed and apologies had to be made.

Mama drama......I got food poisoning and ended up in bed with horrible stomach pain and high fever for 3 days.  Then a bunch of tests were run to make sure it was nothing else major.

Of course, our days are full of little dramas too.  Like running out of gas and trophies won at tennis tournaments and teenagers getting in fights with friends, etc.  But I'm to keep a smiling face like my little Cakey below cause I never signed up for a boring life, right?


  1. after reading this, i guess some drama is good and has a place in life.

  2. A friend of mine's son pushed my son off a ladder last year and broke my son's arm. They were so sorry, but we weren't mad at them or their boy. Boys are boys. They get rough. They get impulsive. I'm sorry your neighbor was so angry.

    Oh, and sorry about the food poisoning, too. I've been food poisoned 3 times in the last 1 1/2 years! This last bout kept me in a public restroom for an hour! I almost called 911, but ended up calling my mom and she came and rescued me.

  3. I love that I am not the only one who has drama happening everyday. Sometimes I feel like I have done something wrong because there is Drama everyday.

  4. Oh Sister. I'm sorry to hear about the food poisoning, stitches needed for neighbor, etc ... Yikes.

    Thankfully we are a very low drama house because I am not a good drama Mama!


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