Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Schedule

Summer has begun!  I've been taking a vacation from blogging, homeschooling and exercising.  I needed a break to rest and recover from being sick and just to kind of gain some perspective.  I'm not much of a summer person, but I know I need a break from schooling and some change in our routine.  I do love the beach too and traveling up north every summer for a reunion with my husband's family.  Anyway, this is what I like to do different in the summer......

Hopefully Scrapbooking!

We take an 11 week summer.  Two of those weeks we are traveling, one week at the beach in June and one week in the Poconos at a Christian camp with extended family.  That leaves 9 weeks at home.  So I divide the house into 9 sections and each week focus on one section.  I deep clean, declutter and organize that section.  So by the end of the summer my house is pretty cleaned and organized.  This is like my spring or fall cleaning, which I don't have time to do in the spring or fall. 

So I guess I need to get started since last summer I had yucky morning sickness and my house never got organized and cleaned out like I wanted it to.

Anyway, just realized I posted this without actually writing down my "summer schedule."  Sorry : )  So here it is:

Monday and Thursdays :  I have a great college age girl coming to help me this summer since I have 2 nonwalkers and can't imagine going to the pool with both of them unless I have my husband with me.  So she will come and take the kids to the pool.  I will go to aerobics while she is home with all of them and then when I get back she will take them to the pool, minus the baby.  The baby and and I will do grocery shopping (regular grocery on Mon and either Whole Foods or BJ's on Thurs.) Then we will come home and unload and do some orgainzing around the house before everyone gets back from the pool and goes down for naps.

Tuesday and Friday:  I will drop the baby off at my mom's and take the kids to the pool myselft.  BTW, Matt just loves the water!

Wednesdays:  This wil be our "special" day where we will have friends over and go to the park, just stay home and do some crafts or go on a field trip.

I did buy my kids some workbooks to do over the summer so they don't forget too much school stuff, but we don't take too much time off I never worry about it too much.
I'll do some orgainizng in the afternoons and tennis lesons will be thrown in there as well as a week of  swim lessons for 3 of them.   Yes, I think I'm looking forward to a summer of no morning sickness and am glad God provided a great girl to help me some this summer and she loves to orgainize too!


  1. I DO NOT know how you do it other than God's grace. Just going between the mountain house and caring for my parents -- my house is NOT organized or straight. Sigh. Not to mention time for aerobics. lol

    Come lay hands on me!

  2. Good luck with your summer plans!!! We've still got ten days left of homeschool for this year. I am so ready for a break!!!


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