Friday, June 10, 2011


All of our relationships in our lives may come to an end, but never our siblings.  Whether we like it or not, they are connected to us from birth until death.  We are raised together, usually from the exact same genetic pool, have the same parents and other relatives, etc.  No matter how different siblings may seem from each other, they are still connected and share so much of life's memories and experiences.  

Well, I love boys and have 6 of them and the brother relationship is crazy sometimes and can be hard for this female mind to comprehend.  
Below is a picture of my 2 littlest guys. This is one of the few pics we have of them alone together.  Mattie has not been interested in holding Patrick and just recently started to be interested in him at all.  I know that they will be incredibly close and basically be raised as twins due to Mattie having Down Syndrome.  God knew that Mattie needed Patrick and that Patrick needed him.  I love how God picks which sibling is next to which in the birth order.

Below are two of my boys that are separated by 5 years and 1 sister.  I wouldn't say they are very close at this point, but they are very much alike.  Both of them are lefties and are big in size.  They are both leaders and this makes them butt heads frequently.  They also are my more physical sons.  They love sports, being outside, wrestling, etc.  It's amazing how they are so similar.  At this point they fight often, but I know they will be super close when they are older.  

These two (didn't get a pic of them together this trip) are separated by 10 years and 3 siblings but are so similar that at times it freaks my husband and I out!  They are both ferocious readers, love school and do well in it, are more quiet and very routine driven.  It's so special to be able to practically raise the same child twice (I'm just kidding but it feels that way sometimes : )


  1. This is so interesting! And look how they are grouped in your family photo at the top: next to each other and the same poses!

    Love your blog! Very happy to see such a happy bunch!


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