Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Since I did a brothers post, I knew I had to do a sisters post too.  Here I am with my 4 daughters!  Who would of ever thought I would have 4 daughters?!  Growing-up I babysat more for boys and they seemed easier for me to handle at the time, so I always said that I wanted all boys.  Well after having 2 boys in less than 2 years, I was so elated to have a little girl.  When she was born I wasn't wearing my contacts or glasses and I didn't believe everyone that said, "It's a girl!"  Anna was my only girl for 8 years.  In fact, she had 5 brothers (counting the little boy I had that was stillborn) before she had a sister.  Anna prayed and prayed for a little sister......actually many times she would tell me that she wanted a teenage sister, but that wasn't going to happen : )  Anyway, when we found out that we were having our fifth boy and that she wasn't going to have a sister, at least not yet, she said "well, was he a cute boy on the sonogram?"  I said "yes."  And she responded, "then I guess it's OK."  Actually, she had dream when I was pregnant with my fourth son that she saw Jesus holding a baby girl and she asked Jesus for the baby.  He told her, not yet.  We always say that she prayed so hard for a sister that she got 3 in a row!  And she is such a wonderful big sister to them.....just like the big teenage sister that she always wanted : )

In this picture with my husband, you can totally see their individual personalities coming out.  Anna trying to pose so nice, but actually she's so crazy and silly most of the time, just like MaryKate, the youngest, is being in this picture.  Those two are a lot alike.  We like to joke that MK is Anna on steroids. Caroline is my little mom and helper and my sporty girl.  Ellie is my quieter, snuggly one who loves ballet and anything really girlie.  I know they all may look alike, but they are all so unique.  God is so creative!


  1. You make beautiful babies! Anna suddenly looks so grown up... You are so blessed!


  2. This picture made me choke up for some reason. Such beautiful souls. Anna looks gorgeous in this shot -- so mature.


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