Monday, June 6, 2011

One Beach, One Beach House, 4 Vehicles and 16 People

We just returned from an awesome week at the beach.  We didn't go quite as budget as we did last year (I kind of learned my lesson that you get what you pay for : ) We had my whole gang, at least for most of the week, plus my mom and a total of 5 friends, but only 3 at a that totaled 16 and yes, it really was still relaxing and a whole lot of know, the more the merrier!

Here is the cottage style beach house over looking the water.  I loved that it was old with paneled walls and reminded me of the beach houses my family stayed in every year as a child.
The weather and water were great for rafting, swimming and boogy boarding.
My boys caught 2 baby sand sharks off the pier.  We froze them as a "science experiment" 
The annual beach goofy golf tournament......had some really serious golfers this year.
We rented a boat one day and jet skis another.

Me and my honey celebrated our 22 year anniversary while there!  This is on the board walk to the ocean with our house behind us.  Lots of wildlife on this island.  We would see deer, rabbits and even a snake in the brush walking to the beach.
Mattie absolutely loved the beach.  He would crawl right into the ocean and play in the surf.  Of course, he had to watched non-stop.
His brothers buried him one day to keep him still....haha.
Daddy and his 4 girls!
This is where the teenagers sat on the porch and had their theological discussions : )
The back of the house where we all had to hose off.  Oh, it was hard to leave......


  1. Love your new family picture!!! Looks like great fun was had by everyone. :-)

  2. You've probably heard this before but I'll say it again! Your eldest daughter looks exactly like you. People say that same thing to me all the time and of course I don't see it but you and your daughter!! It's amazing.

    Looks like lots of summer fun for your family.

  3. How fun! I love seeing an active big family. I just had to call my children to the computer to see the sharks!! Totally cool!

  4. Oh my. Poor sharks. Ha. So what happened when they thawed? Ick. :o)

    Love all of the photos!


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