Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Great Dog for Little Ones

 Just had to do a little spot on our dog "Trigger."  He is by far the best dog that we have ever had.  In fact, the best dog I've ever had ever!  I really like dogs, but they are dogs none the less, and I don't treat them as humans.  This is probably because I have so many little humans around :)  But he is so wonderful for a dog, that I decided to do a little commercial for him.  He is a British Golden Retriever that we "adopted" from a breeder as a puppy.  This breeder specifically breeds for temperament.  Another large family we know had one and highly recommended this type of dog to us when my oldest son was begging for a dog and we had had bad luck with a yellow lab and a "pound dog."  He is so docile and lovable.  Mattie can do just about anything to him and he doesn't care at all. He has never growled in anger at any of my kids or their friends, much less attempted to bite anyone.  He was house broken in a week, yes really a week!  I can count on one hand the accidents he has had over his whole life.  He is furry, but doesn't shed too bad and we get him cut real short in the summer.  He does love to run out the door and gallop all over the neighborhood when one of the yard gates are left open, but he always comes back.  He is 7 years old now and actually I have never in my life had a dog this long!  I'm hoping he stays around for at least another 4 years.  And I probably won't ever think of getting another breed again.

Mattie loving on Trigger after his bath (he was still a little wet)


  1. I love him...he is beautiful! Sounds like an amazing personality, too.

  2. Handsome guy! I hope he's around for a few more years, too. My sister is 7 and has always had big, gentle dogs around, and she's learned so much compassion from them. We just put our first dog down in July (cancer) and we miss him. I love these big guys!

  3. Goldens (any variety) are hands down the best dogs in the world. Your Trigger sounds just like our Golden, Mylie: sweet, calm, loving. And you aren't kidding about the house breaking! Mylie hasn't had an "accident" since she was 9 weeks old. They are SO smart and trainable!!!


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