Saturday, September 24, 2011

Two Cribs....A First

My new "little boy" room!

Ben moved out of the above room, and Matthew and Patrick moved in!  I sent some pictures to Ben and he wasn't too thrilled with the new decor and the fact that his bed is gone.  Don't worry, Ben still has a place to "lay his head" so to speak.  I moved his bed into Will's room old room (which is now the school room) and so now that room is the college boy/homeschool room.  I haven't had a "little boy" room in a while, so it was fun decorating it.  The big difference in this room and my other children's rooms, is that we now have 2 cribs.  Matthew is 2 1/2 and not at all ready to get out of his crib.  My typical children were all out somewhere between 2 and 3, with no problem.  But Mattie is not there yet.  So we found a great white IKEA crib on craigslist for super cheap and now I have a room that looks almost like a twin boy room.  Patrick is sleeping in there almost the whole night now and is sleeping so much better.  I feel like a new woman getting about 6-7 hours straight of sleep a night.  We didn't even have to let him "cry it out", which I am not a big fan of anyway.  But, he just didn't smell me and I didn't hear all his little noises in the night and so we are both sleeping so much better.  Below are so recent pics of my precious little guys.
My cute little guy in his favorite pj's.
Patrick trying on hats in the craft store : )


  1. What a couple of baby dolls! Oh! Both of their eyes just melt me. The room is wonderful and those happy boys are darling!

  2. What a beautiful boy room! I'm jealous!! We just switched our Rosie (7mo's) into her own room. Some nights she sleeps well (5-7hrs) and other nights she's up a lot so I hear you about getting some much needed rest.

    I figure I'll get TONS of rest some unknown time and place when I no longer have teeny weeny ones to get up with. Until then I walk about tired, blurry eyed and cranky at times from lack of sleep but oh so happy to have a wee one to care for.


  3. What a beautiful little boys room. Natasha x

  4. Beautiful children, very classy room, love the color scheme. :)


  5. I'm not a fan of "crying it out" either.
    The room looks very cute! :)

  6. I love the decor of that room! We just gave my oldest son's room to the next oldest boy. They both have facebooks and the younger one posted a picture of the room stating to everyone--look at my new room! and the older son responded --hey,it looks familiar! We had talked about doing it, but my older son did know it had been done.


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