Monday, November 14, 2011

Olders Teaching the Younguns

"Many hands make light work."  I don't know who first said this, but it really is true.  I have such good helpers now, and though I try not to work them too hard or too much (I want them to have fond memories of growing-up in a large family) they enjoy helping with the younger ones.  One thing that comes in really handy is having the older siblings teach the younger siblings.  This could be school related things, sports, chores, music, etc.  It seems like the past year or so I had forgotten about this great plus in having a large family. Lately, after talking to a good friend with 7 children, I've realized new ways to incorporate this into our day.  It saves time and money and the kids really love it (older ones as much as the younger ones).  Here are some ways we are using this technique at the moment:

I'm having the 13 year old give tennis lessons to the 10,8 and 7 year old.  I had to oversee the first few times, but they are all doing well with this.  Christian is ranked in the state and knows his stuff when it comes to tennis and he's much cheaper than paying a pro.
 Ellie, who is in 2nd grade, loves teaching MK her reading flash cards.  They actually started this on their own and looked so cute with their ballet stuff on that I had to snap a pic.
Will is teaching Patrick how to play football already : )

No seriously, Anna helps the girls with piano and ballet.  
All the kids love teaching Matthew his sign language and flashcards.
Luke helps the girls with their math.
Christian also can lead the Classical Conversations material if I'm away or busy.

So, do any of y'all with many siblings have the olders teach the youngers?  I'd loves some more ideas : )


  1. Oh yes!! It is such a good idea. I could delegate my day away and just sit and play with babies and grandbabies :-) But I'd miss out on so much. We had an older doing P.E. with the 3 girls last year.

    Then an older drilled flash cards with two girls.

    I had one older reading books to two girls and then listening to them read to him for reading practice.

    One older teaching a younger piano, but I know they'd LOVE to learn tennis! How fun that would be.

    I had the older 5 children take a turn with the 2yr old. Each taking a half hour with him. They would play with him by helping him paint, do puzzles, play with bubbles, car, trains, do jobs, help with snack time. He enjoyed each child so much and I knew he was safe a cared for while I taught some of the other children.

    Love all your ideas~ Cinnamon

  2. My oldest one (11) likes to get reading practice in by reading to his 5 year old brother. Even though the books are at a lower level for him, he struggles with reading and the practice does him good.


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