Monday, November 7, 2011

A Myriad of Phases

When people see me with my younger ones and then find out I have sons in college, or they see me with older ones and find out that I still have babies at home, I usually get the same the response...."Wow, you have every phase going on at your house!"  I received this comment yet again today and started to think about all the "stages/phases" that I have going on in my family right are some that quickly come to mind:

1.  The College is Fun Phase: why do I ever have to graduate and why do I have to get a marketable degree?  Study, or yeah, I guess I should do that sometimes.

2.  The I Love Being on My Own Phase: yes, I miss y'all at home, but life is great and I'm so popular!

3.  The Resist Culture/Why Go to College Phase:  can't I just go right to the mission field like 5000 miles away when I'm barely 18 with no skills?  

4.  The I'm a Young Teenager and So Cool Phase:  I've grown 5 inches in the past year and I'm great at just about everything and I have 6 younger siblings to boss around....I'm full of myself!

5.  The Read All the Time Phase and Picky Eater Phase:  why can't I just read on the couch all day?  Isn't that homeschooling?  And why can't I have waffles with tons of syrup every morning for breakfast and then not eat again until dessert after dinner?

6.  The I Take Myself Really Seriously Artist Phase:  Don't touch any of my art work!  Don't you know it will be worth millions one day?!

7.  The Hug Constantly Phase: Please let me hug you and touch you all the time.  And please, Mama, don't leave me for too long.  And if I can't hug you or Daddy right now, can I smoother the baby with kisses until he cries?

8.  The Look At Me Cause I'm So Funny Phase:  I can sing, dance, tell jokes and I'm only 5!  I'm so cute and everyone will look at me and laugh at me whenever I want them to!

9.  The Can't Be Out of Sight for A Minute or I Will Destroy the House or Myself:  Can't I eat my food on top of the table or island?  Can't I go outside whenever I want?  Can't I play in the toilet?

10. The I Have Power Phase:  I can make loud noises out of my mouth and people look at me.  I can move now on my hands and knees and get to just about anything I want! Plus I weigh about 10 pounds more than the average baby my age. I'm am totally in control!

Can you see human nature coming out in each phase/stage?

Well, can you guess the ages of the stages? : ) So what stages are going on at your house?

Actually the daughter above is in a different stage/phase everyday!


  1. I recognize more than a few of those phases in my home, too!

  2. I can relate. What a blessing to have all stages. By God's grace, I am so thankful we didn't limit our family size to a few. He has been so good to us.

  3. Isn't it funny how it looks to others! I have a granddaughter older than my youngest and that was weird when they were both younger! I loved nursing my little one at the same time as my daughter was nursing hers. So many people haven't been able to wrap their brains around that and I just have to laugh.

    Your baby is growing. Amazing how fast they grow.

  4. Giggling at the phases. I have a 2.5-year-old who is in a "Mommy's Helper/I Need to Be Touching Someone All the Time/I Need to Be Vocalizing Constantly" phase. And a 1.5-year-old who is in a "Please Carry Me All the Time" phase. At 4.5 months pregnant, with a severely pinched sciatic nerve, the latter is not my favorite phase. But he is cuddly which makes it totally worth it.

  5. Oh I LOVE your phases. We have everyone except the college phase yet. Our oldest is a Marine so he scooted around college. The next oldest, our 17yr old is due to leave for college next fall. But every other phase we have! So funny to read it here and soooo TRUE!

    Thanks for the giggle~ Cinnamon

  6. Super cute! I kept looking at all the pictures on the side as I read the Phases. Love it!

  7. Ha! We are in similar phases! I actually have 2 in the "cant be out of sight or destroy everything" phase right now--my 4 yr special needs son and my almost 3 yr old son. I think the older one inadvertently is showing the younger one the tricks of the trade. Sometimes it is really cute to see them get into mischief together and other times I can't keep my head on straight. Look out--you may have the same thing in a couple yrs :)

  8. Love this post!! I also have a grand range, from the 19 year old college student down to the 4 month old.

  9. Just discovered your blog! I am also a mama of 10 from 19 down to 1. I know exactly what you mean. You have a beautiful family and it is so nice to "meet" you!

  10. Thanks ladies for all the comments. I'm so glad y'all all can relate : ) I especially like the "Mommy's Helper" phase you mentioned Kimberly.

  11. I only have 7 and my oldset is 15, but yep ... I see all of those!


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