Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Recap

January:  Moved my Mom to a new place while having major snow for NC.

February: Matthew has abdominal surgery.  Went well, he's such a trooper!

March: John Patrick is born!  I had a great, fast labor and delivery and we are officially a family of 12!

April: Easter with lots of family in town and loving on new baby.

May: Benjamin, our second child, graduates from high school....sniff, sniff.

June: Summer break.....complete with a week long beach trip with 16 people!

July: Anna gets her driver's licence and we get a kitten....Bruce.

August: We start homeschooling using a different method, after 15 years of homeschooling rather eclectically.  We are now a Classical Conversations family.

September:  Benjamin moves to Tennessee and begins college!

October: Trip to mountains and lots of soccer and tennis.

November: Matthew turns 3 and he and my mom ride in the Raleigh Christmas parade on the Down Syndrome float.

December:  Matthew starts special needs preschool and loves it!

Of course, a lot more happened but as my husband said, this is a good synopsis. All in all it was a great year.....God is so good and faithful to us.  We're looking forward to what's in store for 2012!


  1. Just to let you know, I found your blog a couple months ago, and have been reading (devouring) all your back posts. I am a Mom of eleven, but my first was born in 1976, so obviously there was no internet! My youngest is 14 now, and I think it's so neat that Moms now can communicate with like minded Moms online. I love your humor in posts like "You know you're a Mom of a lot of kids when..." Some of those things, ya just gotta be there, right? Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a fun way to look forward by looking back. You have one busy family filled with lots of love too.

    That's a great new header picture too. And the one of you in the post is a good one.

    I just noticed that you're #7 child is called "lovey". My husband has always called our first born dtr, Lovey. Such a sweet name :-)

    Thank you for visiting too. It's always nice to see you at our blog~


  3. What a neat idea!! Your family is growing and changing all the time - it's so nice to focus on the positives!!

  4. How are you liking classical conversations?

    1. Jasmine, we have really loved it. It gives a good basic structure for our homeschooling. My kids have learned so much. I feel like I have a great scope and sequence now for the future. Christian will be doing their challenge program for high school next year. I'll let you know how that goes : )


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