Sunday, January 1, 2012

Some New Year's Resolutions

1.  Jump on the trampoline seriously, play with my kids more.  Instead of always being involved in the one of the many tasks at hand, make time to be silly with them, play games with them, and yes, jump on the trampoline.

2.  Show more love and respect to my husband.  I know as I do this more, then my children will also do this more to him and to me.

3.  Eat more organic.  We've been eating just about all our produce organic for the past year and most of our meat and dairy, but this year I want to try to do just about all organic, but without upping my grocery budget.  Not sure how do to this yet, but if anyone has any ideas, let me know.

4.  Read through the Bible this year.  I haven't done this in awhile.  It takes reading 3 chapters a day, but I really want to do this again.  I'm looking for a good plan online.

5.  Start up "date night" with my kids again.  I mentioned this is my post last month on finding time to spend with each child.  We used to do this when we had 7-8 kids and really need to start this up again.  I think I'll put one night on the calendar for my husband to take one child out a month and then one night for me.  I need to get this organized and on the calendar soon!

Well, this is about all I can think of right now (at least all I can post publicly :)  Hope everyone had a great New Year's and is ready to jump into 2012!


  1. Before Christmas I started the Bible Gateway read through the Bible in one year. It gets emailed to me, which is great and keeps me accountable!

  2. Love all your resolutions. Some of yours are mine too! Great ideas. Thanks for sharing.


  3. ha ha, jump on the trampoline - can you really do that? I'll spare you the details, LOL but i can't do that anymore, and that's after just 5 pregnancies :)

    for Bible reading, Kimberly at Raising Olives just posted about that

    as for eating organic - I find that the trick is to cook from scratch whenever possible. Where I live, organic is only way more expensive when it's the industrial products like cake or bread mixes or convienience food like frozen pizzas, cans of this or that. Make your own :)

    But I share the resolution of spending more time with the kids - I also want to get back into a date night system again!


  4. Sometime last year, I came across a bible in a year plan that assigns a different portion each day of the week. It's broken up by law, history, the gospels, etc. I like it because it doesn't have me reading the same book for days in a row.

    And I really enjoy your blog by the way :)


  5. Erica, I love that plan! I'm doing that one. I like having a different focus on each day. Thanks for the recommendation. As far as eating organic, I'm not buying already prepared things organic since I cook just about everything from scratch. But I do find BJ's and Sams, while not really cheaper on other things, have some good prices on organic produce and dairy. I know a lot of people say Trader Joe's is good for organice, but they have so much packaging and everything is packaged so small. Not very large family friendly and my kids don't like their prepared things at all. Just fyi : )


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