Friday, January 20, 2012

The Little Red Coat

Last week we finally had some really wintry temperatures.  No snow or ice, but 20 degree weather.  I had to bundle my little guy up and venture outside.  It was the first time this season that I had to get out the really warm coats.  Hince, the above picture.  I fetched this from our "snow box" in the garage and a mirad of memories came back.  You see, this coat is 15 years old.  We moved to North Carolina from south Louisiana when my Anna, who is now 17, was 18 months old.  We didn't have much cold weather in Louisiana, so I had never bought a really warm child's coat.  We had hand-me-down coats from northern cousins for my two boys, who were 3 and 5 at the time.  But Anna did not have a warm coat, and we just knew snow would be coming!  I went out and bought this one at Baby Gap and I didn't buy a "girlie" one because I had a hunch that I might need to use it for another child that might not be a girl : ) Well, Patrick is now the 8th child to use this coat and it is still in great condition.  Here are some pics taken through-out the years of 4 of my different children wearing the same coat.  Brings tears to my eyes.  They all grow-up so fast!

Christian wearing the little red coat, in the stroller, back in '99.

Ellie, my #7, wearing it on hike with Dad.
Matthew,#9, wearing it hiking in the mountains.
And now Patrick wearing it out on a jog!


  1. That is so neat!!! I had one Winnie the Pooh outfit that went through 4 girls in a row.

  2. We have a "Snoopy Snow Suit" that'll be going onto the 4th baby winter of 2013. Winter of 2014, #4 will be wearing The little blue coat with the bear ears on the hood! #4 is due June 11th of this year! Unfortunately, he will be our last.


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