Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Me Parent, You Child"

OK, who is in charge here?!

I have one lovely child, in particular, that has to be reminded at least three times a day, that I am the parent and they are the child.  I found a note I had written about the same said child over 10 years ago and I had the above title written in it to him.  I guess it was already a problem back then : ) Like my father always said, "I have too many chiefs and not enough Indians."  The funny thing is, that some of my children try to be in charge not only of their own selves, but of all the other children, younger and older than they are, when "I'M IN THE ROOM!" Does anyone else with children with strong leadership ability have this problem?  Sometimes you would not even think I was around.  One of the children is bossing a few others.  You know, telling them to clean up this or that, or take your shoes off in the house, or get off the computer cause you didn't ask to be on, or finish your school, brush your teeth, etc.  (you get the picture.)  Well, I'm trying to hone these leadership skills and remember that I am child training and want these precious children to grow-up into to loving, godly wives and husbands, mothers and fathers.  Most of the time our greatest strength can also be our biggest weakness.  We see this in ourselves as parents, but it's so very easy to see in our children.  For example,  my passionate/excitable child can be way too loud and annoying, but I know one day, with proper training, she will be a little zealot for Christ.  I'm speaking to myself here, but may we all be mailable, gracious and remember that our children and ourselves are all works in progress and yes, little people, I am the parent and you are the child!!!


  1. Yes, I know what you mean. You reminded me that I am actually doing these children a huge favor for the rest of their lives, by teaching them now that they are not in charge. With grandchildren coming fast (14 so far and four more due this year, I'm helping my sons and daughters by telling their little ones, "No, you listen to your Mommy. You're not in charge." Also teaching my youngest children who are now aunts and uncles, how to help with their nieces and nephews, but leave the parenting to the parents. My eighteen year old wants to proclaim when they need spankings, and I constantly remind her not to say that to the children. Don't put their parents on the spot like that. Thanks for the great reminder.

  2. love this~so true! Thanks for the witty perspective! Much appreciated!

  3. This has been one of our issues for awhile now too. We too are always working on it. For two of mine in has become such a habit that they don't even notice how often they do it. It does cause resentment between the siblings. Thanks for reminding me to keep on top of it and that we are not alone in this!

  4. Wow, I'm so glad I'm not the only person who has this issue! This post was a real encouragement today. My daughter is only 5 but she *really* likes to boss her little brother. I struggle sometimes because I want them to help each other do the right thing, but it has to be in a different way between siblings than between parents and children. Any tips?


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