Friday, February 3, 2012

Cereal Takeover

The past week we cleaned out our pantry.  Well, really just the bottom half.  I could not believe the amount of cereal we had!  My husband REALLY could not believe.  He put me on a cereal moratorium : )  The funny thing is, we really don't even like or eat cereal that much.  We also don't have that big of pantry (nothing like the Dugggar's ;) and we had a bunch of duplicates, most of them open of course.  Usually, I buy cereal because I have a coupon and they are also on sale, so I get them pretty cheap, sometimes for $1 a box.  But you know, if no one is ever going to eat it, then what is the point?  I tend to do this with coupons a lot.  I buy something not very healthy or something that probably none of the 12 people under our roof will eat or use.  This is where couponing is a little silly, I think.  But, I'll have to do another coupon post sometime because I do like to coupon.  Anyway, I had to throw a few old boxes away and consolidate some boxes that were duplicates. So now I'm happy to say that there are only 14 boxes of cereal in my pantry now.  That sounds a little more reasonable.  I read a great book by Vickie Farris, who also has 10 kids, and she said that everyday of the week they only eat cereal for breakfast.  She does this to save her time and sanity.  I mentioned doing this to my kids once and they freaked out, to say the least.  I wasn't really for it anyway, because cereal is so much more expensive than eggs or oatmeal and so much more full of "bad stuff."  Anyway, below is a picture of my favorite breakfast lately and yes, it is a cereal!  It's steel cut oats and it's super healthy and super yummy on a cold morning.  I'll put my recipe below.  Oh, and if anyone needs some cereal, stop by my house and pick up a box......seriously!

Steel Cut Oats

4 cups water with 1/2 tsp salt
Bring to boil and add 1 cup steel cut oats
Reduce heat to low and cover
Simmer for 15-20 minutes
Then add......
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 cup raisins
1 Tbs molasses
1Tbs ground flax seeds
1 tsp cinnamon
2 Tbs butter
Stir well and serve with cream on top if desired


  1. I totally get this. But my kids would love it if they could eat cereal everyday. They have learned to love oatmeal, lately.

  2. Thank you for sharing your recipe. I will be trying it out soon.

    p.s My kids LOVE cereal but we rarely buy it. More of a treat for their birthday breakfast...they get to pick a sugary cereal to gobble up.

  3. How many people does that oatmeal recipe serve? Certainly one cup of oats doesn't feed your whole clan... I'm a mom of just five, but I'll admit that I buy cereal for the convenience. I would really like to start branching out though (for costs and health).

  4. Our kids have the same reaction to cereal :). Did you know that if you soak your oats in yogurt/water overnight, it is easier for your body to digest them? Some of our have tummy aches after oatmeal that is not soaked. Just a little tip.


  5. This recipe serves about 4 adults. 1 cup of steel cut oats is the same as 2 cups of regular oats when you are cooking. It's also a pretty rich dish so you don't need that much to fill you up. Usually only 5-6 of us eat this because my little ones prefer regular oats.

  6. Yummy, looks delicous!!! Can't wait to try it!!


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