Sunday, February 12, 2012


My 2 little guys playing in the crib together!

No, I'm not expecting twins, but I do feel like I have twins right now.  And I have greater respect than ever for those who have had mulitples.  My little guys, Patrick who is 11 months and Matthew who is 3 with Down Syndrome, are about on the same level.  Matthew has more reasoning skills and can manuever better, but they are getting in trouble together just like twins.  I can't leave them alone together one bit!  They are getting to be so close though and both of their faces light up when they see each other.  Anyone out there who has had twins, feel free to give me some advice : )

Patrick is still having fun at this point, but Mattie looks confused. 
Patrick had had enough and wants to be held.  He's a real drama boy lately. 


  1. I feel like my 2 youngest are twins too. I may have said this before, but they are just 17 months apart and the older one has impaired cognitive skills and other they are really like twins, and now it is kind of sad to see that the younger one is starting to outdo the older one in some areas(they are 3 and 4 1/2 now).
    Your boys look so cute together in that crib!

  2. Very cute. Reminds me of when my twins were little. I have some photos of them doing the same thing as your boys! Your two look a lot alike. If they were closer to the same age they could pull off being for real twins! They are too cute.

  3. So sweet !!!! You are amazing!!! You give me strength by seeing your post! Thanks:):) blessings, Marla

  4. They look so cute together! This mama has 2 sets of twins and a single all under 6yo: This link is to her 'twin specific' posts.


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