Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just A "Mom-Day" (what I like best)

Earlier this week, I had a perfect "mom-day."  You know, those days when you don't have to do anything major.  There is no outside appointments, no unexpected drama, no event to get ready for or clean for, no sickness and just a good ole boring day.  Yes, this mom likes boring.  As I get older, I cherish the days when I am just home with my little ones.  Actually, I like to be home with them more and more.  It's my "queendom" as I heard one older mom say one time.  Anyway, I've posted our homeschool schedule in the past and my kids' schedules but I thought I would let y'all take a look at just a regular day for this Mama of 10.......a perfect day to me.  And really, it was pretty much the same when I had 3, 5, or 7 kids :)

6:30  wake-up, make coffee, read Bible and pray
7:30  start breakfast and dressing kids
8:30  do about a half hour of Pilate's
9:00  shower and put Patrick down for morning nap
9:30  reading time with all my kids, get school started
10:15  tea break and check emails
12pm  wrap up school time
12:30  lunch and clean-up
1:00  fold laundry and clip coupons
1:30  head to grocery store with 3 kids to do big shopping
3:00 pick-up Anna from school
3:30 go visit my mom
4:00 put up groceries and feed kids snack
4:30 blog and check email and return phone calls
5:00 start dinner, play with little boys
6:00 husband home!
6:20 dinner and family time
7:00 clean-up and more laundry
7:30 make dessert with little girls
8:00 kids reading time with Dad while I put Patrick down
8:30 kids to bed
9:00 watch news with hubby.....sleep


  1. Thank you, I enjoyed this glimpse of your day. And I like the word Queendom. I like the word wifedom also. I love how GK Chesterton talks about the wife in her home being the the queen and ruler over her domain.

  2. Love the picture of you with your daughters!:)

  3. Ordinary days are wonderful aren't they?! Staying cozy and wrapped up in a good book with the kiddos or school going perfectly with moments of laughing mixed in. I love those days. Thankfully they happen more than the bad days :-)

    You are blessed!


  4. wow that was an awesome schedule.... I really think I need a schedule For my kids and myself!!!! I was most inpressed with your school time!!! LOVE IT!!!!


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