Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Independent Dressers, ie Keeping 10 Kids Properly Clothed

So, MK comes down stairs in this "original" outfit the other morning, and I actually let her out of the house in it.  I thought it was pretty creative : )

     You know the point when your kids are old enough to dress themselves?  For my children, it's usually around 3 and it's like, "whew, one less job in the morning!"  But then there is the age when they can really pick out their outfit and actually look "put together" that's not until about 5 or so.  I try to keep my children's clothes simple so that it's easy for them to dress themselves.  I don't have any "off limit" clothes.  I know some families do this, but I just have everyday clothes that are in good condition and somewhat stylish.  They don't have "play clothes" and then "nice clothes."  The girls have nicer dresses for church and fancy events in the closet and same for the boys, except dress pants and nice shirts.  So, my kids don't bother those unless I say so.  They all have one drawer for shirts, one for bottoms and casual dresses for the girls, and one for underwear-PJ's-swim suits.  This way I can just tell them what the weather is going to be like for the day and send them up to get dressed.  None of the things are really too nice to wear in the mud or creek or paint in, etc.  Resolve stain spray does wonders if need be.  I just think this keeps things simple.
     As far as shopping for them, I love sales and hand-me-downs.  I actually enjoy dressing my kids and think of it as a sort of hobby : ) I shop consignment sales and shops.  I also keep most of the out-grown things from my children in big bins or those really large ziploc bags.  I label them the age and sex and keep them in storage.  When having a large family, it definitely helps to buy more classic styles and good quality. If I know that another child below is going to be wearing it, then I dont' buy cheap stuff.  If it's just for one child, then it will last, but usually not for 2 or more.  I have baby things all my children have worn and actually I just put a shirt on Patrick that I remember buying for my second son Ben who is now 19.  It was still in great shape!

My cutey pie 9 year old.  Classic rain boots in bright colors last and can be either boy or girl.  Since Caroline is the oldest of the younger 3 girls, she usually gets new things so they will hold up for the younger girls.  And buying lots of solids I think really helps on the matching factor : )


  1. Thanks for sharing your strategy. I heartily agree to keep it simple. I have three kids, but I keep almost everything in bins they outgrow, too. Also, I live in Utah so dealing with the different seasons and the clothes that go with them can be a challenge(organizing and putting them away, etc). Any thoughts on that?

  2. Good advice wise mommy! We have such clothing struggles here.... probably because I hate laundry. I was going to get that button for my blog that says "I am blogging to avoid laundry", but my husband didn't think it was funny,HA. I always love reading your tips.

  3. Reading this makes me laugh I do have totes of clothes in my basement labeled by sizes. Although I only have four boys I keep everything. Their nicer clothes are all hung up except the pants and the only thing left in their dressers are play clothes. I have become more relaxed with allowing my children to dress themselves especially when we are just running around our small town and definately at home.

  4. When you have a lot of kids, sorting, labeling and storing the hand me downs is sometimes frustrating, but it is part of looking well to the ways of your household. You know your making the most of your money. Detailed labeling helps, boy/girl, age/size, etc. Also, I find it much easier for kids to dress themselves if anything they don't fit right now is out of their rooms.

  5. What a beautiful, precious family! I have so enjoyed visiting with you all! Keep up the God work!

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