Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's Been a Year

Wow, it's been a fast year since my precious #10 was born, but yet on the other hand it seems like he has always been in the family.  I can't imagine Patrick not here.  If anyone ever thinks that they could never love another child as much as their first or second or whatever, think again!  I love and enjoy him just like he was my first.  It's amazing how your heart just grows.  I guess it's how God can love all of us the same and yet we are so different and special to Him.  Being a mom of many has really helped me to understand The Father's heart towards us.  We all love Patrick so very much and feel so blessed to have him.  He's like the piece of the puzzle that fits perfectly but yet we didn't even know a piece was missing!
Here are some pics from his family bday party...........happy birthday John Patrick!
 All 12 of us sang happy birthday to him and presented him with his own little cake (a family tradition)

 I think we kind of scared him.  He really wasn't that into the candle or cake.

 Once I let him taste it, then he loved it.  I think he's my first child not to dig into the cake with his hands and make a big mess : )

 We bought him a few toys and the girls all picked out small things for him.  Things started to get a little crazy.

 Christian trying to get him to walk with the push toy.  He did it, well sort of.....

And then, of course, the fighting over the new toys started....to be expected!


  1. I once had someone tell me that they felt sorry for the yougest child in a big family. To this day I can not understand why. No one is loved more than that little one. Even if it were true that mom and dad had nothing left to give, all the siblings would give their lives for that little one. Then when another comes along the previous one turns and passes it on to the next one. Happy birthday to your baby it looks like it was a real celebration for the whole family.

  2. Oh my, a year already! Why does time fly so quickly. Happy Birthday to your little guy!

  3. Happy Birthday to your wee one! They grow so fast.


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