Thursday, March 1, 2012


My children are constantly yelling, "blogpost!"   I'm not sure who started it first (possibly my husband) but whenever anything happens slightly out of the ordinary or somewhat interesting, they yell to me "blogpost!"  They are probably making fun of me : )
So, here are some random things that have gotten called "blogpost" at our house lately.....
Patrick's first snow.....I know, a pretty weak amount but it's all we got in this southern state this winter.
Matthew makes his first Valentines for his preschool class.
Matthew gets into the pantry and then proceeds to play in the flour while dumping it all over the floor!
Caroline plays in her first USTA tennis tournament.....she does great!
My baby boy Luke turns 11!

So, please tell me if any of your family and/or friends yell "blogpost" to I the only one?


  1. They don't yell blogpost but they ask, "Is this going to end up on the blog?" lol

  2. I often hear, "Grab the camera so mom can post it!" No matter what the topic my daughter "Princess", who is 9 years old, is always trying to get in the pictures. She is the one posing all the time. Tonight our baby knocked over the Holy Mary that sat in garden. I had to ask Princess to stay out of the pictures. They were supposed to be about the now headless Mary not about Princess. Oh well! If I get my act together it will end up on the blog.

  3. That is funny - Blogspot! I love it. My kids now say "get the camera" or "put this on the blog Mama" which I think is funny.

    I enjoyed the pictures of the sweet moments there, flour and all :-)


  4. My kids do that too. Only I KNOW they are making fun of me!

  5. Mom, mom, MOM, come take a picture. Of course they think it's publishable. Like the empty toilet paper tube in the bathroom and the twenty thousandth cool lego're not alone! :)

    Love the pantry surprise.

  6. To be honest my family doesnt really know to much of my blog my oldest knows its very much just for me.

  7. Oh that's funny! It reminds me of a story Lisa Whelchel told of how her husband fell off a ladder and she yelled at him to stay put so she could get the camera to take a picture for memories!!! She admitted too maybe being to dedicated to scrapbooking. :)

    Have a great day,

  8. Hi I have been reading your blog a very long time and have enjoyed, many words of wisdom and stories.
    We recently lost our baby boy on 1-24-12 stillborn. I started a blog to journal my feeling, and start document our family. I had never left a comment before I started blogging. I have not been here in a while....I have been visiting lots of baby loss blogs. I decided I need to return to some happy reading. I just wanted to tell you You have a beautiful family, and I have been blessed by you sharing your life.

  9. I'm glad your kids yell, Blogpost! because I love your posts.


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