Thursday, April 5, 2012

What To Let Slide

Patrick eating bark off a tree.......

Me realizing he is eating bark off a tree!

So, in my 21 years of parenting, I have learned to let some things slide.  Not being lackadaisical or anything, but just to keep some semblance of sanity and peace.  Now I don't believe in letting things slide that are obviously unsafe, such as a one year old eating tree bark or a two year old running out in the parking lot. I have never been known as a helicopter parent, you know those parents who are constantly following their child around the playground and never really letting their child "play."  Anyway, here are some things that I think are worth letting slide..........
1.  Clothes that really don't match.
2.  Not washing hands before every single meal or snack.
3.  Having more than 1 person on the trampoline at once.
4.  Skipping teeth brushing if the child is absolutely exhausted (believe me, their teeth will not fall out!)
5.  A child sleeping in their daytime clothes (we call this sleeping cowboy or cowgirl)
6.  Not taking a bath every night or even every other night.
7.  Having a meal without a fruit or vegetable.....gasp!
8.  Some music choices.
9.  Arguments between each other (they need to learn to work things out themselves and maintain fellowship.)
10.  Staying up a little late or sleeping in (an advantage of homeschooling)

Now, maybe I should mention things I don't  let slide........being disrespectful, directly disobedient, immodest, and yes, running in the parking lot!


  1. You really are a great mom, I love your advice and learn a lot from your experience. I am glad that you have a blog so I can continue now that I am so far away.

  2. I just love this post! I posted to day on being transparent, and I realized that is why I have always loved your are so real and honest. I so agree with your list, why did on a battleground that dose not affect the war. I hope your mom is doing well.

  3. So true. I think I was able to enjoy my (eleven) children, because I let lot of things slide. I had to, out of sheer logistics. Also, there are "house rules" that differ from house to house. One Mom can't stand toys in the living room, while another Mom wants the kids to play in the living room in order to be near her. One Mom allows snacks anytime, anywhere, while another Mom has stricter food rules. I tell my grand kids to park their bikes on the lawn, not the driveway, but my neighbor prefers that the kids park bikes on her driveway, and not her lawn. Go figure? But then there are the Non-negotiable things, that we don't let slide. I would add respect toward parents, kind speech, eye contact, caring for one another, and honesty to these.

  4. Nice. How do your older kids feel about the mother you've become? My oldest, 22, just shakes her head sometimes. Then I remind her that she got 4 whole years to herself and she has to admit she had it pretty good even though I didn't let her have syrup on her pancakes until she was two.... Love the list, so true.

  5. I love these!
    Now please do a teenage version and be specific and help me navigate the teenage years ahead! please... :)

  6. What? You let them not match? ;)

  7. This is so encouraging to hear from an experienced mom! I may look crazy to some of my first time or only-two-kids mom friends but it's good to know that the track we are on has been tread by many a mother before me! Thanks :-)

  8. This is such a great reminder to me to not take EVERYTHING so seriously as a parent! What great wisdom!

  9. great list and I agree with every single item!! LOL on the bark eating...I never had one do that...yet :)

  10. Thanks so much for your encouraging post! I find the more experience I have as a Mom the more I realize that some things, like wearing a modest play dress to Church, are nothing to be bothered by.

  11. thank you so much for the post.If we become so stuck to many rules then we miss out on the simple way of life with our children. god bless you and your family.

  12. Totally agree with your list!! We let the same things slide too -- except for the trampoline. We don't have one! (Too dangerous my husband says!) I am way more laid back than in my earlier years as a mother!!! I think it is part of the journey! Thanks for sharing and for your transparency! I'm always amazed at how much we are alike in our parenting philosophies!! :)


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