Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Homeschool "Blond Moments"

I've been homeschooling now for 16 years and in 2 weeks will have graduated 3 from high school.  You would think that I would have it "all together" so to speak.  I've taught just about all grades, except 10th and 12th.  I should know it all but really, I just act like I know it all....well, most of the time.  I'm not embarrassed to say I don't know something or to ask one of my older, "smarter" kids a question about something.  But many times, I'm still winging it.  I'm sure teachers in school wing it a good bit too and in spite of my short comings, my children test well at the end of the year and more importantly are growing-up to be fine, responsible young adults who I love to be around.  

Anyway, back to my title.....whenever I have a dingy moment, my kids call it a blond moment.  Sometimes my kids don't even know that I'm having one, but usually my older kids catch me.  The most recent one happened about a month ago.  We had been memorizing the US Presidents in order and so I found a book on my homeschool bookshelf that I thought was titled "The 5 US Presidents Not Born in the US."  (I must of been really tired that morning to read the title so very wrong.)  So I picked up the book and announce to my kids what the book is about that we will be reading over the next few mornings.  My 11 year old son replies, "Mom, I thought it was a law that you HAD to be born in the US to be President."  I reply that that is correct, but these Presidents must of been Presidents before that law was put into place.  Then I hold up the book to them and my 13 year old says, "Mom, isn't that a picture of Einstein?  Einstein was never president!"  At this remark, I turn the book around and look more closely at it and realize the title of the book is "5 US Scientists Not Born in the US."  Oops!  Well, I quickly corrected myself, had a good laugh and we put the book away.  

Things like this have happened  frequently over the years. My older kids laugh at me and my daughter says that people ask her if English is her second language.  She says, "Yes, and southern is my first."  I guess I need to work on my grammar and pronunciation a bit.  Really though, being married to a New Yorker has improved it quite a bit.  I'm so thankful for homeschool curriculums and love, consistency and the Lord make-up for my short comings!  And this coming fall, I will have 3 in's a miracle : )


  1. I really admire homeschool mums. Here in Spain homeschool is not an option; it is not legal . We have homeschoolers but they are seen nearly as "fools" and they are out-of-law.
    So, as spanish I do not uderstand why parents choose this option.

    1. We also live in Spain, but are stationed here with the US Air Force so we are allowed to homeschool. Many Spaniards have questioned our decision to homeschool, but since I'm not fluent in Spanish it is difficult to explain our decision. :)

  2. Thanks for the laugh. Glad to know I am not the only one ;) You must be proud of your children and seeing the fruits of your efforts.

  3. Keep up the good work. I share in your joy, because I have some pretty wonderful grown kids also (thanks be to God).

  4. LOL we have many, Blonde mommy moment here!

  5. I had a homeschool blonde moment just this morning. My 8 year old 2nd grader corrected me. I think homeschooling is God's way of keeping me humble. ha!

  6. i love the pic of MK! such a funny post!


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