Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Anna 16 years ago, right after we had moved to NC.

Anna now, getting ready to graduate from high school .....sniff, sniff

Just wanted to give some of y'all out there some perspective.  Maybe you have a house full of little ones or just one precious little baby in your arms, either way, let me tell you....it goes by so fast!  I know you hear it all the time and I know I've said it a dozen times on this blog, but they don't stay little very long and you blink, and they are driving, talking about colleges, and actually sounding kind of mature.  

God has been helping me a good bit with "perspective" lately.  For instance, I got really upset this past weekend about some really silly things. I had missed the sign-up for one of my kids tennis tournament and that was the last straw. I felt like I had so many things to do and so many things to remember, that I just lost it!  My husband talked me down and helped me start a list, right on the fridge, and not just try to keep everything in my head or even in my calendar (which I frequently forget to look at.)  I had read somewhere that a Mom told her daughter, "If paying taxes is your biggest problem, then you really don't have any problems." WOW,that is really true!  We as Americans make the biggest deal over things that are so insignificant in eternity. So, I put my "problems" in that sentence......

If missing the sign-up for a tennis tournament, is my biggest problem, then I really don't have any problems.

If trying to figure out where my Mom is going to live, is my biggest problem, then I really don't have any problems.

If being sad that my precious daughter is all grown-up and graduating from high-school, is my biggest problem, then I really don't have any problems.

Try this with your "problems" and it really helps with perspective.  You know, we all have bigger fish to fry, right? (that saying helps me too : )

So, hug your little ones today and kiss them and cherish even changing diapers or cleaning up cheerios off the floor, or helping them with long division one more time.  Because, it will be over soon. Oh Lord, help us keep an eternal perspective!


  1. I have been reading your blog for about a year. This is my first time to comment. I'm from Birmingham, Alabama. New to homeschooling, this year was our first. I have been blessed by your writing. And I really needed this post tonight.

  2. Thanks for the reminder to cherish this time. Your daughter is lovely. My oldest, Emilia, is going to be 8 in June, and I can't believe how fast it's already gone.

  3. Thanks for putting out that reminder to young moms! I do it all the time now too , It does fly by fast:(

  4. Great reminder! As a mom of two young ones, I get frustrated often with the little things. Thanks for the new "perspective!"

  5. I bet a lot of people tell you that this daughter looks a lot like you. I noticed the resemblance immediately! What you are saying is so true. My youngest is 14 and my eldest is 36, and when all eleven of my kids were at home, it was crazy busy and crazy noisy and crazy messy, and it seemed like it would be that way forever. But take heart young mothers, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Now I change grand babies' diapers, and my house is quiet and stays neat--except when they all come over!

  6. It is so true I have a 14 year old and I feel like I just had him yesterday. Where did the years go, it does make me squeeze my babies a little tighter. Love this encouraging post :)

  7. Ohmygoodness. How I am in a place today to hear that! Thank you! Yesterday, the 8th, was our youngest's - all blond & blue-eyed herself - 1st birthday, so the pictures of your girl touched a tender place in my heart...especially as a reminder to love, love, love the snot out of every second with all 4 of our children. I imagine this makes a difference to your with your little ones as you go about your day knowing just how quickly the years fly by. Thank you again! (:

  8. I'm nursing my youngest as I'm reading this wondering how he's already a month old. I can't imagine my babies getting ready for college but I know that day will be here before I know it. And I love your perspective on problems! Anna is beautiful!!

  9. I loved visiting here tonight. What true words. I love that we both have older children and younger children. I always feel like I have a second chance at parenting. Maybe with the next batch coming up I can fix some of my mistakes :-)

    We have a son graduating too. Today I spent all day with him at his college. He leave for boot camp June 6th. So much happening all at once. I hug those babies that much tighter and thank the Lord for special days like today where I could go off and spend all day with my dear son.


  10. Something that really helps me "remember-to-not-forget" is putting the item in my iphone and then setting two alarms for it. For example say I need to bring muffins to a meeting on Monday morning. I set one the day before so I remember to go to the market, then one before I leave home Monday morning so I don't forget to put them in my car!
    This has lowered by aggravation so much! I now don't feel the anxiety I did before about the running list swimming in my head!


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