Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Projects

Project #1......relax

So, it's summer!  My kids are all happy (except for my big boys who are working full time at monotonous jobs) and I'm trying to play "catch-up." When you are a homeschool mom you look at summer somewhat differently than the typical mom.  My full time job of homeschooling is on break and I can get some things done around the house that for my sanity I put off during the school year.  I know some homeschooling families just keep going all summer, but I need some time "off" and my kids want a "summer" as well.  We do try and do a little school during the summer months.  I concentrate on areas my children on weak in and do some school work on rainy days.  I also ordered an easy Latin curriculum to do over the summer with them, but so far it's not getting done very much : ) My children love the pool and I have 3 doing swim team.  We're also trying to get together with friends weekly and play a little more tennis.  We've already had our beach trip and we'll be heading up to Penn for our annual camp reunion with my husband's family in July.  So, in the midst of all this, here are my projects I want to get done:

1.  Sew some valances and pillow covers for my living room.

2.  Scrapbook.....baby books, school year books, senior book and the yearly family album.

3.  Update my blog.  I need someone to help me.  Any ideas? 

4.  Organize!  I try to do at least one closet or room a week.  

5.  Clean out homeschool things from last year and order new things for this year. 

Whew, I know that is only 5 but if I get those things done this summer than I will be very happy : ) Happy Summer!

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and can't wait to read more. I just had number 8 four days ago and cannot phathom life with 10 kids! So I can't wait to get a peak into your life. By the way, five goals for summer - that is awesome. I will be happy to accomplish five things this summer! Good luck to you


Thanks so much for your comments! I love them and they keep me writing. I really do read each one.