Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Smell of Summer

I love this picture and Patrick and I have been loving summer.  Yes, I'm getting ready to start school and I'm looking forward to the routine but we have had a good, although hot, break from school.
Tennis is summer to me.....growing up in an avid tennis family with a father who loved the sport, meant many hours on the court.  The smell of the leather grip, the balls, the sweat, etc. Tennis is the smell of summer.
This is just about the best smell in the world to me.  I know, I know, it's a #8 but yes, they do still make it and I still buy it.  It's classic smell just takes me back to the 70's, my daddy and the beach.
 Of course, chlorine is the smell of summer in suburbia.  The chlorine I'm sure is not that healthy for us all but it's a smell that is so distinct to summertime.
Fresh cut grass in the back yard and playing with animals. Is this not the cutest picture in the world?  Patrick was crying to get in the cage with the bunny.  Christian went in also to make sure neither the bunny or baby got hurt : )
Nothing smells like a summer rain and what's better than playing in the summer rain and then enjoying a rainbow after?
Watermelon!  Need I say can only get good watermelon in the summer and oh, my mouth is watering for some now.  Love that smell!
The saddest smell occurs now in August in my house.......packing up for college.  This is Anna's load, but that will be the next post.......sniff, sniff.


  1. Those are some wonderful summer pics. I especially love the one in the rabbit cage. :)

  2. I have a Christian too! Such cute kiddos you have!

  3. Great post!! What wonderful reminders of summer!!

  4. I have to say fresh cut watermelon and fresh cut grass are my two favorite summer smells, too!

  5. Lovely photo's. Lookes like you've had a great summer this year.

    My daughter noticed that we have exactly the same photo. The one of Patrick. Our son is about the same age.

    My daughter asked, why I've placed a photo of her brother on your blog.
    I didn't, he's not 'your' brother, I said.
    Yes he is, look!, his hair, his clothes and he has MY tennis racket!?. I looked again. She was right. What a coincidence, I said.

    Coincidence or not, it turns out that Matthew has the same 'swim'towel as her other brother.

    She always notice these 'little' things.

    I'm looking out for your next blog.


  6. Wow Jolien! That is amazing how we are an ocean apart on different continents and can be so alike : )


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