Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thankfully Feeding Forty

The Kiddie Table

I think the number one thing I was thankful for this Thanksgiving was family.  I know that may sound cliche, but I hosted 40 (yes, 12 were my immediate family) and all of them were related to me in some distant way except for 1.  I looked around the room when we all shared each others thankful leaf that was hung on our Thanksgiving tree (see above picture) and my eyes welled with tears with thankfulness.  So many people are alone on the holidays or come from broken families and have broken hearts and memories.  It is only by God's grace and goodness that I have the family that I have.  Just about all of the guests were from my husband's family.  They were all down here due to a nephew getting married about 40 minutes from our house 2 days after Thanksgiving.  So, how did I do it all?  Since I keep getting that question asked to me, then I will tell.........

1. Delegate.  I asked everyone to bring things.  People like to contribute and most women like to cook, right? : )
2.  We started getting the house ready about 2 weeks in advance.  This included polishing silver, getting the carpets cleaned, etc.
3.  Lists!  I make lots of lists, regarding food, what needed to be done, etc. 
4.  Enlist help and borrow items if need be.  I really wanted everyone to have a table to sit at since it was Thanksgiving and because the weather was pretty warm, I was able to put 3 tables on the porch.  I was prepared to borrow an outside heater or a table if need be.
5.  Start cooking early.  I did this and put things in the freezer.
6.  Don't stress.  I think most people can feel if the hostess is stressed, strained or all the kids have just been yelled at because Mom is "loosing it."  You know, it's not worth it. Whenever I have a big gathering or party, I think back to all my other large events and realize that it always comes together in the end and I learn something to do or not to do the next time around. 

Well, here are some priceless pictures that my husband was able to snap during the craziness. 


  1. Looks like a wonderful time and you sure were prepared! We were married two days after Thanksgiving 11 years ago. So now I unofficially know someone else with the same anniversary as us :)

  2. Everything looks so nice! My dad's side of the family is huge (he's one of 10 and there are more than 100 family members from my grandparents down). We've had all 100+ people in one house for holidays before. Lists and food delegating work wonders! Happy belated Thanksgiving!!


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