Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Who Would of Thought that #10 Could Be So Unique

You would of thought that after having 9 children, each so different, that we would of seen it all.  The funny thing is,  just about everyday we see something Patrick is doing that none of our other kids did before. All my children have  each been so different and we laugh about all their cute, little things that was unique them.  God is so creative and parenting never gets boring.  Patrick is just as loved, as fun and as "himself" as an only child or as a first born or as a "whatever" born.  We enjoy him so much!  Anyway, here are some little quirky things about him that none of our other children have ever done:

1.  He is the first to have a stuffed animal for a lovey.  I've had 2 others that had distinct "lovies" but one had a blanket and one a pillow.  Patrick has a stuffed panda that his brother bought him for his first Christmas.  Well, he has to have it to go to sleep and if we would let him, he would carry it around all day.

2.  He is the first to suck 2 fingers.  I've had 2 thumb suckers, but this is a first.

3.  He loves to have his shoes on all the time and right when he wakes up.  I had 2 other sons like this, but he is the first one to want his shoes over his feety pajamas. 

4.  He loves to do buckles.  He will spend long lengths of time trying to fasten the buckle on his high chair, or the stroller and when I put him in his car seat, he cries to buckle the car seat himself.  It's crazy because he is only 20 months and it takes him a long time and we both get frustrated : )

5.  Looking back at his infant stage, he was my easiest labor and delivery and my only pregnancy where my water broke naturally, sending me into labor and then was born 2 hours later.  (I did have 2 others where my water broke spontaneously but neither of their labors started for a good 10 hours later.)

6.  Also as a baby, he was only one to have the bili-light for newborn jaundice.

7.  And he is the only one that has an older brother copying him.  He is already teaching his 3 year old brother  with Down Syndrome how to say things, how to walk down the stairs standing up and how to unlock doors......not good : )


  1. Sounds like he's perfectly unique! Have you ever read "On the Night You Were Born?" by Nancy Tillman? It perfectly describes how each child is his or her own self, or as she puts it, "You are the one and only ever YOU." My oldest son sucks two fingers, too. He's got a wicked case of bucked teeth now (at 2.5-years-old). Sigh.

  2. I know what you mean. Each is a unique individual, fearfully and wonderfully made, no matter how many in the family. Bless you.

  3. They truly are SO unique and special!! I haven't had a child suck two fingers yet. But I do have two thumb suckers. Wondering how to break that?? My others did pacifiers; very easy to get rid of. And our firstborn did not suck anything. I do not think I have see one of ours put their sneakers on over their feety pajamas; that is precious! I love how they all do their own things that melt us. I did have a child that LOVED to buckle things. It could be burdensome, but also a blessing with endless entertainment. Unless she could not figure out how to do it, ha! When we had # five, we thought she would be easy going and just follow along right with the other kiddos. But not so! She is a very particular child that is quite determined taking constant training and consistency. But she is truly a joy and SO much fun. And our little guy with down syndrome has just blessed us beyond words. What the world says is a dreaded diagnosis, has truly been such a blessing to us. His little personality just melts us daily. He is SO funny and smart!! Wondering if our new little guy on the way will also help him talk more, etc. They are ALL SO much fun and joy. Children are definitely a reward from the Lord to be treasured and loved. Fun post!

  4. I used to say that I was always amazed at how different my 9 kiddos were from each other. "God took the same gene pool and mixed it up into these 9 unique people." Now we have the six month old identical twins, they have the exact gene make up and are still very different. There is no limit to the wonder that God can and will create. Congrats on a beautiful thanksgiving.

  5. My tenth sucks her two fingers too! She's a diva. How does that happen with nine before her? They are all as individual as our fingers, as specific and distinct as snowflakes. Glad to find a fellow mom of many.


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