Saturday, May 17, 2014

Energy Synergy

Just about daily I get questions from strangers or acquaintances.  Questions of shock and disbelief when they find out how many children I have.  You know, 100 years ago having 10 children was not that rare. Actually it wasn't a big deal at all.  But I here are some frequent questions....."Where do you find the energy?  How old you?  I'm exhausted with 2 kids, so how could I have more?" There is a common thread here, so I thought I'd so a post on synergy : )

Here my husband and I are taking a selfie after he beat me in tennis, but it was really close and I didn't have a good racket with me or I would of beaten him : )

Synergy, in a nut shell, means working together and the energy that comes from team work (these are my own words so feel free to look-up a "real" version)

One of the first things that helps a couple pull off having large family successfully in this day and and age is working together!  Team Work! 
My husband and I don't try to compete with each other about who has the hardest "job" or who is pulling their weight more around the house, or who is helping the most with the kids, etc.  We just DO IT!  
This explains #1 and the others are pretty self explanatory. 

1.  Work together as a couple.

2.  Each of you have different strengths and weaknesses so using those effectively is a key to getting things done and having a household run smoothly.  Even your children will be better at different things and more eager to help in different ways. For example, I love to cook but hate to I cook and my husband organizes the kids and they work together to clean up after meals.

3.  Get adequate rest.  Resist the temptation to stay up late reading, watching TV or your smart phone, etc.  You will pay for it the next day.  I aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

4.  It's OK to take a much needed rest in the afternoon.  Nap, or at least lay down and read, while the little ones are napping and the older ones have some down time too.

5.  Take your vitamins and eat healthy!  I'm a firm believer in this.  You can see some other posts on this if you want.

6.  Learn to say "no" to things.  "No" really is a holy word!  Don't over commit or say "yes" to things that others can do.  Even church activities can zap energy and don't we all feel guilty when we say "no" to something related to church?  Well, that's not right, so let the guilt go!

7.  Oh and coffee and tea and chocolate help : )

I'm not a super woman so I know that these things above work.  If I can raise a large family with joy and energy, really anyone can with the Lord's help!


  1. Great post. This mom of eleven and grandma of 23 says Amen! :-)

  2. So true! Love your positive attitude -- and that is a big part of it too! Remaining positive! Counting your blessings! ;)

  3. Thanks ladies! Ya'll are always so encouraging!


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