Sunday, June 8, 2014

Laying the Crib to Rest After 23 Years

It was kind of a sad day last month.  We took the crib down!  For the last 23 years, this precious white crib has been up in our house with one of my little ones sleeping soundly in it.  It was a bittersweet day.  We've moved a good bit, so my husband has taken it down and put it back up numerous times (and it's not one of those easy cribs to tear down and put back together) so I think he was kind of glad to take it down one final time.  I would love to know if any of you "moms of many" have had the same crib for 10 or more kids or had the same crib up for 23 or more years.  My in laws bought it for us when we were expecting our first.  Well, let me tell you, we definitely got our money's worth!  I'm sure it is not "code" anymore so my wonderful sister-in-law suggested that we make it into a bench.  My brother-in-law knows how to do this, so I think we'll enlist his wood working skills.  I think I would like to put my children's names and birthdays somewhere on the bench too since they all slept in it. We do have another Ikea crib that is a little smaller and easier to take apart and move. It's in better condition and "code." We will save that one for grand babies or who knows, wink wink.  
But it was time to move my two little guys into toddler beds.  We haven't been sleeping quite as well since we've moved them out of the cribs but it's getting better.  You know what they say, "the only thing you can count on in life is change."  That is so true, especially in this parenting journey.  And while I did shed a few tears when my husband took it down, I don't miss lifting my boys' heavy little bodies over that bed rail anymore. 
When I put this up on my facebook, here are some of the comments I received.........
No Way
For Real?
You'll probably be pregnant next month!
Oh, that is sad....
You husband looks happy!
It's not the end, but rather the end of the beginning.
One anointed crib.
OMG, you should bronze it!
Don't be too hasty, you never know : )


  1. I love it! And congratulations on your excellent choice of crib. We bought a $99 one not knowing we would have 8 children and we gave it away after our third child and 4th move. I think it's the taking-it-down-and-putting-the-screws-back-in that makes it loose. I remember our third child shaking that crib so that it would make a squeaking noise that alerted me to take her out after her nap. Still sweet memories!

  2. O wohoo! I'm pregnant with our 8th, and we still have the same crib we've had with all so far! It has an oak stain, and I keep thinking of painting it white!????Our oldest will be 15 this month! UNBELIEVABLE! I like your idea of a bench and wanted to remind you to keep it for grandkids, but that was before I read the whole post. I think I will be a little sad too when we take ours apart for good-- I even got tears when I read your post! :) But your husband is giving thumbs up...haha

  3. I came to the realization today that this is the first time in 4 years that we haven't had more than one child in diapers. At one point, we had three in diapers at once. I have to be honest, when they are all out of diapers, I will miss the crinkling of little bottoms. LOL

  4. Our crib came down last year. It was shared by all 7 of our children (except 1 who came to us at age 10 1/2 from China) My mom bought the crib for our now nearly 27 year old, and our newly turned 4 year old slept in it until last year. We are keeping it and will set it up again when the grandchildren start coming!

  5. I understand you. I am sure you will be pregnant in a few months. sure ;)

    Belen from Spain

  6. I enjoyed reading your crib story. I can relate to this so much--even though I never had one crib that I used for all eleven. Sometimes my cribs were hand me downs, sometimes held together with wire, sometimes not worth taking along on a move. Lots of times I had two children in cribs. I can't remember all my different cribs. But they were all special because they held my babies. Bless you and your family.

  7. Oh, that is hard to do!! My youngest is 3 and I am potty training for the last time. All those "last" times with the last baby.

  8. Love this post! Can't wait to here about you putting it back up! Lol

  9. We have a toddler bed, bought at a craft fair 24 years ago, that has been in constant service. Currently there is a two year old assigned to it at bedtime... Not that she actually sleeps in it all night!


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