Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Importance of Vacation Traditions

For the last 5 years, we have taken our summer vacation at the same beach in NC.  Prior to this we took a few summers off doing other vacations instead of the beach. Then before that we tried different beaches trying to find the best one for us.  In the winter, when it's time to reserve a beach house, we always discuss maybe doing something different.  The kids quickly get upset and say, "no, we have to go to the beach."  It's the same when we try to go to another camp in July than the one we have been going to for 20 years now.  Children, and even teens, love tradition.  They love the memories.  Even if everything is not perfect, they will remember the good times, the funny times, the silly times.  Even if the car breaks down on the way there, you don't have enough room for everyone, the house has mice or roaches, kids fight, it rains the whole time or whatever (actually all these things have happened to us at some point), your family is making memories.  These are memories that will be with them forever.  And God really made our brains to remember the good over the bad.  The family bonding is so important too.  So, save a little money through-out the year and don't let a summer go by without a family vacay.  Here's some pics from our summer beach trip-2014.

We always try to rent a house on the beach side.  But the island we go to has a good bit of green natural space so there is a wooden boardwalk to the ocean. It's a nice peaceful walk and we see deer, rabbits, and lots of birds.

The only family picture we got this year.  Ben, my second son, was working at a camp in Colorado so he was unable to be with us.  Will was on leave from Ft. Bragg so was able just to come for the weekend.

We had some good friends come for a few days.  We squeezed them in.  We always try to get a house big enough so the kids can bring a few friends. 

My oldest daughter and I playing in the surf.  There is something so therapeutic about playing in the ocean.  I love swimming out deep with my older kids too.

My little crazy guys loved the ocean.  They could of played in the surf and sand all day.  

The morning we left, I took the little ones down to the beach super early.  It was so nice and quiet and we were all sad to leave.


  1. Hello Rebecca,

    Nice pitures.
    Its so true, so importent to make memories with your kids and family and to have traditions.
    The kids always remember the good times.

    A few weeks back, my husbands niece with her family came over for a bbq, including my family in law.
    They braught up the good old days with grandma and grandpa who past away many years ago.
    It's nice to listen to the funnie stories they tell. Even the little ones loved the stories.
    Memories stay forever. The good and the bad ones.

    And somehow it became a 'tradition' family and friends come over to our place.
    I must admit my husband and kids always invite people over for a drink, lunch or diner.

    Our kids love the tradition that we get together (every year) with friends at Christmas, New year's Eve,
    our family-friends bbq in June. They are looking forward to it.
    Every year when we had our 2 weeks vacation, they always ask us where are going camping next year? We look at each other, and smile. They had fun.
    We try to go to a different country every year, and save up money for it.

    Greets to your family.

  2. I've just stumbled across your blog and what a blessing your heart has already been to me! Thank you for sharing your heart!
    Would you mind sharing what beach you travel to in NC? We're looking for a good September beach spot to start our family tradition of a yearly beach vacay too :) blessings to you!

    1. We love Sunset Beach! It's our favorite beach in NC for a few reasons.....there are no high rises and only one somewhat old hotel on the island, so it's not crowed. There are only a handful of stores and no restaurants. You can easily go across the bridge into Ocean Isle or Calabash for those things. It's basically all families and retired couples. It's the last beach in NC before you hit SC so it's warm and the sand is soft. It's also pretty affordable for NC beaches. Hope this helps!


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