Friday, August 1, 2014

10 Things That "Experts" Won't Tell You About Pregnancy

About 39 weeks with baby #10.

I'm doing this post in response to a post done by The Huffington Post called "15 Things That Experts Won't Tell You About Childbirth."
Above is the link if you'd care to read it.  
That post went pretty viral around social media, especially in the young 20's crowd.  While most of it is pretty accurate, it does seem to paint a somewhat gruesome picture of childbirth to those women who've never had a baby.  Part of me wanted to discuss each point (the RN part of me and also the "natural" mom of 11 childbirths part of me) but I thought I would just do my own list.  
So, I'm not sure who these "experts" are supposed to be, but here are some things that most people don't know about pregnancy.......the good, the bad, the easy and the hard.

1.  You can have a few negative pregnancy tests and still be pregnant.  Wait until your a day late at least to test....I mean, really : )

2. Morning sickness is not just in the morning, in fact I think mine was worse in the afternoon and don't do the crackers thing.  Protein is what helps, not simple carbs.

3. And the above queasiness does not magically leave at month fact, mine hung around until about week 16. It seemed like I had a good day, then a bad day and then the good days started to out number the bad days.

4. With your first pregnancy, you will probably not show till about 20 weeks, even though you may feel bloated.  With subsequent pregnancies you will begin to show the day you get a positive pregnancy test!

5. Yes, you do need maternity clothes, but maybe not as many or as soon as some people think.  Forget though trying to get by just wearing baggy clothes or your husband's shirts.

6. You will not necessarily get stretch marks.  It really just depends on your skin.  I have had 11 full term babies and I have no stretch marks.  I am an avid lotion user though.

7. Having a baby does not make you fat.  You make get a little pouch or some stretched skin, but really I know many women who are over-weight and have had no babies.  Plus I have 3 friends who have had 7 babies each and they are all tiny.  Seriously, like a size 2!

8. Breastfeeding is not that difficult but takes some practice, patience and being open to feeding the baby whenever he or she wants, at least in the beginning.  

9. Childbirth is your birth of your baby!  Not your midwife's or doctor's or Douala's or the RN at the hospital, or who ever.  Just remember that you are in charge no matter where you have your baby.  Do your research and trust your instinct.  Don't let them boss you around. 

10. God gives us women childbirth and pregnancy amnesia and you really forget all the horrible because it is so worth it when you hold that precious newborn baby!


  1. I'm expecting my 9th child soon. For me every pregnancy has been different. The last one most difficult. I haven't enjoyed after delivery amnesia over the last few babies but cuddling the in my arms makes the pain worth it.

  2. I was sure the last item would be that you were expecting again! Love your blog! ;)

  3. Amen! I agree that with subsequent pregmancies you show the day you get that positive! Waiting on #4, homeschooling and been encouraged by your blog for almost two years xo


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