Sunday, August 31, 2014

FIT TO study

This summer a few moms and I did a book study on
the above book, Fit to Burst, by Rachel Jankovic.
It is an awesome book for mothers with young children.
It is a sequel to her first book, Loving the Little Years.
I would highly recommend both books.
I was leading the book study and I looked online for
maybe some study questions to do together as a group and I found none.  So, I  made my own.  I thought maybe
other moms may be doing this book as a study at their
church, with a MOPS group or even just casually with friends.  Here are my questions that I came with for each of the chapters.  I hope they will be helpful to anyone thinking of doing this study in a group.  Here is a little except from the book, just to get you interested : )

"When we do the dishes, when we correct the children, when we mop the floors, when we sort out the clothes and clean out the basement.  When we do all these little things full of gratitude, we are making a difference in the kingdom of God."

There are 18 chapters in the book but they are all pretty short.  The whole book is only 128 pages and a very easy, yet encouraging and challenging read.  I'll post the chapter titles too.

1. The Paradox Perspective
    When and where do you find it the hardest to give and sacrifice?

2. The Unbaked Biscuit
     Do we do things for our children, or others, out of "mommy guilt"?

3. The Mean Boss
     Do you complain to your husband? Are your expectations too high? Are you a mean boss?

4. Panning for Gold
     What do you think is the best way to lay down gold in your children's lives? 

5. Discipleship of the Mundane
     How is this "snapshot" culture affecting our mothering? What bothers you the most, the mundane or the change?

6.  When the Milkshake Runs Low
     When do you feel the most like you are being zapped of energy or "yourself"?

7.  The Time is Now
      Is there something in your life that you want or need to be doing now?

8.  Home Fires
     How do your feel like you are doing communicating your husband's love to your children? How can you better do this?

9.  A Table Served
      How can you make your family meal time better and more memorable?

10. Well Eating
       Is there any way we are too consumed with food or using food to separate us from others?

11. Faith Grows
      Are you worrying over the spiritual state of your children or not taking their faith seriously? 

12. Ungraceful Parenting
      Do you lean towards "all law, no grace" parenting or "all grace, no law" parenting? How can you find the balance?

13. Judgey Pants
      Are we too busy judging ourselves and others to be learned from and learning from the people around us? 

14. Wound Up
       Which of the 3 stresses do you most frequently deal with?

15. A Little Morning Rugby
      When is it the hardest for you to stay "clear and calm"? How can you change this?

16. Popping the Weasel
      Are you able to laugh at your life, your children, their mistakes, etc. and still discipline sin?

17. The Long-Term View
      Do you have a problem keeping the long-term view when you are stuck in the everyday mode?

18. It Ever Shall Be
      Do you struggle with discontent instead of being grateful, particularly in your mothering role? 

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