Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Snow Days/Rainy Days.....Just Embrace it

It's been a long winter for most of the USA and while spring has sprung, or at least is trying to spring, here in the south I know that many places up north are still buried in snow.  We had more than a few snow/ice days here in North Carolina this past February and I must admit I got a little tired of it.  I didn't grow-up with snow so it's still kind of a novelty for me so I do think it's beautiful.  But not so much when it starts to turn all brown and dirty and everything, including school, gets canceled.  Then we all become a little stir crazy.  I know you other moms can relate.  And most people think that because we homeschool, that we just keep going with school...not!  My older kids, who go to private school, are off and my homeschooled kids want to play in the wonderful snow, like all day.  This makes quite a mess when you have 9 people plus a few friends, coming in and out of the house with wet, muddy, snowy clothes.  We did have a fun time and the day we got 6 inches, I even went out and played in it.  I finally just gave-up trying to keep the house clean, do school and stay on a healthy diet.  Because you know when it's snowy outside then everyone wants homemade hot chocolate and all I want to do is bake cookies.  But when I did just give-up and embrace the reality of "snow days" that is when I started to enjoy it and relax.  These days are so fleeting and no school work or clean house is worth us moms walking around the house all grumpy.  So, let us moms just chill out some and enjoy life. You know the saying, "If mom's not happy, ain't nobody happy."  This is so true and we want our children to have happy family memories.  I'm talking to myself mostly here. Let's just embrace the snow days, the rainy days, even the sick days and be thankful for the precious children God has given us to make memories with. 


  1. Good reminder, thanks, lol I live in So Cal!

  2. Hello Rebecca,

    Great pictures. Good for you letting it all go and spend time with your family in the snow.

    But boy!! Are we jealos of you and your family.
    The snow (6 inch) Wow, hot chocolat, making memories.
    I'd taken the muddy shoes for grandet.

    Here, we had 2 day's of snow, and no ice this winter
    My daughter and I couldn't skate this year. Unbelievable.

    So I wish you all the best, cleaning up the house after all the snow is gone.

    Greats from Holland, Jolien

    1. So nice to hear from you Jollen all the way from Holland. Hope spring is coming for you all like it is for us here. God's blessings on you and your family!


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