Monday, April 6, 2015

The Low Key Family Birthday Party vs. The Pinterest Party

Now, I just want to preface this with saying that I don't have anything against pinterest.  I actually like pinterest but I really feel for moms these days.  Pinterest parties are just not reality.  They are expensive and time consuming and I think down right stressful for young moms.  Most children just want a happy mom, a few friends or family over and an easy cake with some presents and they are happy.  No need to spend a ton of time and money on a 4 year old's party and especially a 1, 2 or 3 year who won't even remember the party anyway.  I'm so glad that I had most of my children before there was even pinterest or the pressure to have these elaborate bday parties.  Notice my very "homemade" looking birthday cake.  Patrick picked out what he wanted on top and said he wanted chocolate and that was that. Our family is a party in itself (another good reason to have siblings for your children.)  Then we bought and made him some presents.  He was a happy boy, I was a happy mom and all my other children just loved seeing him be the little prince for the day.  So I just want to say, don't feel that you have to go to great lengths to have some fancy, unique themed party for your children.  I think most of it is just for show anyway and ends up being way to much time and trouble.  This is another area in life where I think keeping it simple is your best bet.  Happy Birthday Patrick!!!


  1. Love this post! We have felt the same way. I am pretty sure I have said the exact same words.
    We even have decided this year no more "theme parties" or huge friend invites. Our new family tradition is eating out and the birthday child picks! That is a treat in itself. Enjoyed your blog. I even linked to it when I wrote down all my quick birth stories. Was inspired ;) take care!

  2. Amen to the homemade cake in a 9x13! :)

  3. Dear Rebecca,

    Congratulations with Patick's 4th birthday.
    Lovely cake, looks delicious.

    I totaly agry with you,
    No pinterest parties, no theme parties.
    Just a birthday with family and friends.
    In our case 20 adults and 20 kids if everybody comes over.

    In the morning just us as a family, breakfast together, reading birthday cards, open our presents, decorating the living room, make snacks for the afternoon when everybody comes.
    Together the friends and family buy a few presents(within the budget) for the birthdayboy or girl.
    We look out for fact that the childeren will not be overloaded with gifts.

    By the age of 5 of 6 the kids can have a party with a few (4 of 5) kids from school.
    Usaly we have it at home. Sometimes we go out, when it's not to expensive.

    Our son didn't want me to bake a cake for his 4th birthday, 2 weeks ago.
    No he wanted cupcakes, just cupcakes, vanilla and chocolat. His favorites.
    So I baked cupcakes. 60 to be exact. All gone by the end of the day.

    Our kids love these days, even if there very loud en very busy, and week after week.
    They always look forward to it.
    All the kids (friends and family) get along very well, regardless there age. We're so blessed.

    My love to your family.

    Greats from me,

  4. I wholeheartedly agree. Just recently, we had my 8 year old's party at a park. We told the cousins to bring their bikes and scooters, I made an ice-cream cake ( a simple recipe made from ice cream sandwiches) and we had a wonderful time just playing and visiting. Thanks for the honest and burden-lifting post.

  5. Oh great birthday party! This dark chocolate birthday cake looks so beautiful and I am sure it was yummy too. I want to make this cake for my 5 year old son. Yeah, Michel’s birthday is coming and I want to organize an amazing party on this occasion. How did you booked event rooms for rent?


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