Saturday, April 18, 2015

Why I Shouldn't of Had 10 Kids

I hear just about every day from someone who may be a friend, new acquaintance or a stranger a pretty similar comment.  It goes something like this, "I could NEVER  have 10 kids!" Actually, many times it's, "I could never have 3 or 4 or 5 or whatever!"  Now I'm really right there with these women.  I'm no super mom.  I'm just a regular girl trying to follow the Lord's will. 
Well, I decided to make a list of the reasons why I really shouldn't of had so many kids:

1.  I'm selfish and self-centered.  I basically was raised a spoiled little brat that got whatever I wanted.  

2.  I'm not a natural servant.  I grew up being served not serving.  When I take all those spiritual gifting tests, servanthood is always last on my list.

3.  I spent a lot money, tears and work on my bachelor's degree in nursing, so I should use it and not stay home with babies.

4.  I'm RH negative.  Yes, if I lived 60 years ago I probably wouldn't of been able to have more than 2 healthy children. So I'm thankful for medical science!

5.  I'm not crafty and I can barely sew.

6. I'm not patient, in the least!  Now I have learned some patience (which I think is one reason God gave my so many kids) but ask any of my children whom I've taught to read and they will tell you how patient I am (smirk....please don't ask them.)

7. I don't like my plans being changed or being interrupted. This is a daily occurrence when you have even just one child.

8. I wasn't the best babysitter growing up and I absolutely hated pediatric nursing.

9. I don't like messes or cluttered dirty houses.  This has been a real life changer for me.

10. I like to have "me time" and my husband likes to have "me time with me and no kids."  I think he's looking forward to retirement age. 

But God molds us and changes us.  He knows what we are capable of, even when we don't.  He gives us the grace, strength, patience, etc. when we need it.  Many times not before, because then we would think that we are capable on our own and can do it without Him. Where God calls, He equips and I'm so very thankful for that.  Of course, the world would look at my list and say "no way this lady should have more than 2 kids, let alone 10."  But everyday I look at my precious children and I'm so glad that by God's grace, I didn't listen to the world. 


  1. I soooo relate. My list is pretty much the same except, I never went to nursing school. :)

  2. I only have 6, but I can relate to almost everyone of these, except the nursing, and I do sew. When people mention the patience part, I always let them know that I am not naturally patient. I have had to grown in the area, with the help of God. Practicing patience has also been a choice I make in the moment because I love my kids. Of course, many times I say a little prayer for get that divine help.

  3. Oh that's what I think about when people say I must be super mum to have 9 kids! I am definitely not! And yes don't ask my kids if I'm patient! But I'm so glad God has given me each and every one of my beautiful children.

  4. Yes...sounds very familiar!! Great post!!

  5. Wow.. I can relate to this too. About something ELSE! I homeschooled my "only" for 11 YEARS! People look at me like I'm nuts when I tell them. She has made me a Grandmother now. Matter of fact, TODAY--as I post this, is my grandgirl's 2nd Birthday. All those years ago people told me: "You don't have the patience to homeschool". Soooo glad I didn't listen to OVER 400 PEOPLE who said that to me!

  6. Haha, I can so relate to this!! I have often said that God gave me so many children because He knew He needed to work hard to break me of my selfish streak, lol. I like a clutter free home too, and I married and birthed packrats. Life lessons :)) Great post!!

  7. I'm 1,2, and 6-9! Baby makes 12 in October :)

  8. My late mother in law had 9 kids by 2 different husbands, husband number 1 ran after every lady in a skirt or dress, then she married the father of my husband of 41 years..She never cooked, cleaned or parented her first child who was 17 when my husband was born helped her out all her life..My husbands father never supported his wife or his many children, he died of a cancer and we were helpful and kind and loving no one else did anything. My mother in law passed at nearly 90 she had her kids thru her 40's with no regard how to support and care for them..YOU ARE NOT THAT TYPE OF WIFE AND MOTHER AND NEITHER IS YOUR HUSBAND, not everyone lives a righteious life like you and your husband do with wonderful children you love and adore and make the Lord the ultimate of your Savior! My hubs and I have only 1 child nearing the age when she doesn't want children or a husband NOT EVERY GAL IN THE USA WANTS TO BE MARRIED AND OR A MOTHER..You are a shining example of what that is..I praise you for all you do to raise 10 lovely children, but many women don't have the same beliefts, I say this in love not hate!

  9. I meant to say you are a shining example of what a loving wife and mother does for her children with a faith based life...sorry, I was trying to get it this e-mail off to you in a loving manner..


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