Friday, January 1, 2016

Goodbye 2015. Hello 2016!!

My top Instagram posts basically sum up 2015.

Happy New Year from all of us!

It was so wonderful to have everyone home for the holidays.  Having all my babies home for more than a few days is something that becomes more and more rare as they all get older.  I know it is hard to imagine this if you are still surrounded by a bunch kids under 10 years old but it will come for you one day as well.  Having kids a wide range of ages also brings new challenges.  Such as my littles are still up at the crack of dawn and my older kids want to stay up past midnight!  But God gives grace and I think it is so healthy for college/high school kids to be around young ones and vice-versa.  I think this is what the family unit is supposed to be, loved ones together of all ages!  We even had both grandmothers here for Christmas as well.  Such a blessing!
In looking forward to 2016, I only have a few resolutions that I will mention.  I try not to make too many lofty goals but I do pray about changes that I know the Lord wants me to make.

1.  Blog more, even if they are shorter posts.
2.  Step out of my comfort zone. (Like the mission trip I took this past year.  Don't be afraid to obey God and go where He leads.)
3.  Enjoy homeschooling more and attempt to make it more fun. 
4.  Be more ministry focused instead of self-focused.
5.  Pursue more friendships with like minded women and those God brings into my life. 


  1. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts this year! Thanks for sharing your life via the web.


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