Sunday, October 30, 2016

So Much To Do, But So Little Time

Sometimes to get more done, we just camp out in the car....

Whether you have lots of littles, lots of big kids, are pregnant or nursing, trying to mother and hold down a job, homeschooling or whatever stage of mothering you are in, I'm sure you feel this way.  "I have so much to do!  So many things on my lists but so few hours in the day!"  Well, I know how you feel and really it doesn't matter how old or young you are or how far you on in your mothering journey, we all feel this way.  I love summer because as a homeschool mom I have more time do to things around the house, relax at the pool, catch up on scrapbooking and play more tennis.  But even with "free time" I seem to fill up the calendar and start getting stressed out all over again. 
Anyway, it seems like so many moms I talk to feel the same way.  Like they just can't catch their breath.  Now this isn't going to be a post about slowing down and smelling the roses (I think I did a post on that already) but a post to share some ways/tips I have learned over the years to get it all done(well, just about all) and yet still be sane. 

1.  Don't waste time.  I mean on the internet or too much Netflix.  We all do it and we get distracted but the best thing to do, I think, is set times that you're going to return emails, shop or research online and then stick to it.  

2.  Tithe the first part of your day to the Lord.  Pray and read the word each morning and watch God multiply your time!  Really, it works.

3. much as possible.  Return phone calls on long rides in the car, for example.

4. Cut down the errands.  Use amazon prime or instead of going to 4 different stores, go to one that may just about have everything you Target or TJ Maxx.  (my favorite : )

5.  As far as cleaning and laundry, do a little each day.  When you time things like sweeping, or folding a load of clothes it only takes about 5 minutes but if you leave it all to one day and are cleaning the whole house or folding mounds of clothes, it's going to take much longer and seem daunting.  You can even fold or sweep while helping a child with homework. 

6.  Don't try to be supermom.  This means saying "no" to things you're asked to do, even things your children ask.  You can't do it all so don't pretend you can or even try.  Remember "no" is a holy word ( what my husband always tells me.)

7.  Find meals that are fairly simple with minimal ingredients.  I know we all want to be "french chefs" or "healthy moms" but really the healthiest, easiest and most kid friendly meals are the ones with the least number of ingredients and the fewest steps.

8. Simplify your morning routine.  Don't wash your hair everyday, tone down the make-up and try to do 2 or 3 things at once in this a facial mask, deep condition your hair, and shave your legs all at the same time.

9. Don't spend hours exercising, unless this is a hobby your really enjoy.  20 minutes of intense exercise gets better and faster results than an hour of low intensity. 

10. And don't be afraid to ask other moms to help.  We all can lend a hand, like carpooling places for example.  Or even swapping out child care or tutoring.  We are in this time frazzled world together!


  1. Great advice! Thank you for the practical reminders.

    Carol (

  2. Thank you very much for very sound advices!

  3. Awesome, practical advice!
    The one about starting your day in prayer and reverence is so true!
    Even my 11 -year- old daughter notices a difference on the days she forgets to pray..

  4. Just saw you and your family showcasing your pressure cooker!

  5. Thanks for the advice! My name is Becca J. as well, and as I am having fraternal twins in the spring, I'm certainly gonna need these time saving tips :)

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