Sunday, June 19, 2016

4 Down and 6 to Go

Well, last month we had yet another one of our children graduate from high school.
It's always a surreal moment and one that doesn't get any easier no matter how many children you have.  They are each so unique and it really is a bittersweet time.  
The Christian high school that our children have attended has a wonderful way to celebrate these precious young men and women.  There is a baccalaureate service for awards and such, including a slide show of the graduates, and then the graduation service that evening.  Each student has a table of pictures and memorabilia to celebrate their accomplishments and personalities.  The teachers and students who speak are awesome and this year the main speaker was NC Supreme Court Justice.
All that to say, my little guy grew up.  He became a strong, fun, personable, lovable man of God and I know God has great things for him ahead.  We all love him so much and I think he was also a little sad at graduation.  He made so many special friends as well as being a role model to younger students.  Teachers kept coming up to me and saying how much they will miss him, his smile and friendly demeanor.  I'm so thankful that I was able to homeschool him for 9 years and then have him attend such an awesome high school.  
He will be staying local and attending NC State, so I'm super glad about that!  Here are some pictures from that evening.


  1. Thanks for sharing, glad he'll be close!

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  3. I found your blog through Blissfully Content (Fairview Farm). I am a Christian homeschooling mother of 8, and it's so nice to find someone in my "community".


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  5. Your family is so big and looking very cute!!! My family is not so big we are only 3 persons and my boy most of the time play with toys. And we all are very happy

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