Friday, January 7, 2011

20 Years of Maternity Clothes

me about a month ago at 7 months along

Can anyone else say they have been buying maternity clothes for 20 years?  Please tell me if you have.......we have to have a good laugh about how styles have changed : )
I really should of taken a picture of the large garbage bags of maternity clothes that I have collected over the years.  And actually, I have given many away and loaned lots out that have never returned.  The thing is, I do love to shop and with each pregnancy I buy more maternity things.  Also, even though I have had so many pregnancies, people still give me maternity clothes.  I guess they all think I need an update : )  I have a friend here in town who has 8 children and she gave me some winter things this go around.  My favorite place for buying maternity is Target.  When I was pregnant 18 years ago with my second, I discovered their great maternity line.  I also like the Motherhood sale rack.  For a few pregnancies, I really liked JCPenny's.  But with these last 2 pregnancies I've found their things not so great, unless you're working full-time in the corporate world.....which I obviously am not.  I know some people have great luck finding things at consignment stores or thrift shops, but I never really have.  I guess I always have a pretty good stash of used things, so then I just add some fun new things.  I know there are some people that don't like to buy maternity at all.  I heard of this friend of a friend that just used the bella band with her pants and skirts and then wore her husbands shirts.  Well,  I always gain a good bit of weight and the bella band starts to bother me by week 12.  I'm not that tiny and I like to enjoy and celebrate being pregnant.  It's a special time and I always think of the pregnancy I'm in as possibly my last.  To me it's a time to cherish and marvel at what God is doing.  Anyway, here is a list of some essentials I think every maternity wardrobe should have and some things I've really liked over the last 20 years of being large and with child : )  Maybe this will help someone just starting out and help them weed through the sea of maternity "needs."

1. Bella Band for first trimester

2.  2-3 maternity tank tops

3.  black yoga type knit pants-these are the best for working out, walking, or
     least 2 pair, one or more carpri if weather is hot.

4.  2 comfortable but could dress-up maternity jeans

5.  2 nice pair of shorts if it's a summer or late spring pregnancy

6.  1 pair of black maternity pants

7.  3 cute, comfy dresses that you can wear to church or dress down for other places too

8.  3 solid color knit maternity tops (long or short sleeve depending on weather)

9.  A few cute t-shirts or maternity work-out tops to encourage staying in shape ; )

10.  3 fun, colorful maternity tops (this is where I try to find something unique)

11.  Black, knit skirt that goes under or over your belly.  I have loved this with my last 3

12.  1 good pair of maternity leggings, 1 pair tights and 1 pair hose.

Well, that's really all you need!  Remember, don't over buy but don't under buy either.  Enjoy this time.  It goes by so very fast and don't give too much of your maternity things away, because you never really know how many pregnancies you will have.  I'm a testimony to this!


  1. you look amazing having had 9 kids and being pregnant with another!!! congrats!

  2. You always look so cute, especially pregnant!

  3. Oh my, can I relate here!! With a story too. After baby #7 I just knew I was all done having babies. That is until the Lord sent me 2 of them at the same time. So feeling sorry for myself and thinking I should be rewarded for carrying 2 babies I went to Motherhood Maternity. NEVER had I ever bought anything from them. So I buy this really cute outfit. The top and the matching bottom. I couldn't wait for an opportunity to wear it. Well, my 2 year old son and I took a trip to see my mom. I wore my cute outfit on the way home on the plane. A few days later I found myself back at Motherhood Maternity to buy a new shirt. The outfit I had just previously purchased was on sale. I told the clerk, "Oh, I have this outfit." To which she said, "Yes, isn't it cute. It's our best selling pajama set!"

    NO WAY, pajamas?? And I thought those 2 cute slits in the breast area were so cute when that should have been a dead giveaway! Silly me!

  4. As another mommy of 9, I understand how you feel. I have had tons of maternity clothes. But then I give them away, donate them, etc. I love to look at pictures and see how styles have changed. Congratulations!!


  5. tammy in Northern MichiganJanuary 8, 2011 at 3:23 AM

    i have 8 children and the age range is 23 to 5 months, 6 sons and 2 daughters. And wow have they changed with my last pregnancy at 42 i wore low rise jeans and size large and x-large tees from walmart old navy and target. Do you remember the dreadful maternity jeans that has snaps on panels that when puled up almost would reach your arm pits? And btw I love reading about your family- we love our children as you do-I dont homeschool because i have a ful time daycare in my home but i do preschool here everyday and dabble in homeschooling during summer break. Your blog inspires me I would love another blessing of a baby-but people think i am crazy to risk a flawed child as they put it because of my age your a true angel of inspiration for me. Please if you have time i would love to email and chat as time allows. We have 17 blessings between the 2 of tammy in snowy northern michigan

  6. I am so very thankful for YOUR maternity clothes. :)
    Thank you!

  7. I'm so glad to have some, umm... confirmation, that it's okay and a good thing to buy some new clothes for another pregnancy. Though, this is "only" our 4th, and the first was "just" 6 years ago (so styles not entirely different), I just feel the need for some NEW CLOTHES!! Target here I come...can I tell my dear husband you said so?? (: (He already thinks he's your husband's BFF b/c of him buying you the Mini.) (:

  8. You have posted a nice and beautiful maternity clothes that looks nice to wear.

  9. :) I actually saw a picture of my first pregnancy (24 years ago) where I was wearing a (tent style) shirt with dancing pink elephants on it. (UGGGGH!) Then there's the maternity overalls with my second...the moo moo style dress etc.etc. (LOL) I think after 6 kids I've actully gotten MUCH better taste in maternity clothes - or maybe I am determined not to HAVE to wear something hideous just because "Its the ONLY thing that fits" - I plan WAY ahead now. As SOON as I find out Im pregnant I start getting CUTE and COMFORTABLE clothes set aside - both for maternity AND those first few months when you're SICK of all of your maternity clothes but...still don't fit in anything else ;)
    Nice to know I'm not the "ONLY ONE" ;)
    love the blog:)

  10. Ok, first of all you do not look like it is *possible* for you to have been buying maternity clothes for 20 years.

    In the years that I was adopting and all my friends were pregnant I remember that the clothes were less than flattering (but of course I still wanted to have a reason to wear them). Then, 6 years ago when I was finally pregnant I was SO happy to see that the clothes had gotten sooooooo much cuter! I wore a lot of things from Gap and Old Navy maternity ( bought on eBay), Liz Lange for Target (a lot from there) and some from Motherhood. Of course I did the typical thing and got rid of them all after my son was born only to have to get more a year later!

  11. That is amazing... I can't imagine being pregnant so many times but I do love being a Mother and I love my kids... I always enjoy reading your posts and catching up on the ones I missed... It is nice to read about big happy families. The relationships within the family is so key. You are a blessed woman.

  12. You look adorable! I have been wearing maternity clothes for 17 years so I do know how styles have changed. My oldest will be 17 this fall and my youngest is 18 months (I have six children). It is so funny to look at pictures of my early pregnancies at what I thought were cute and stylish maternity outfits- they look horrible now!

  13. you look fabulous! 20 years of maternity clothes has never looked so good!

    a true testament to health happiness and beauty!


  14. I was really surprised by how much styles had changed in the four yrs between my 1st and 2nd and even more two years later for my 3rd.

    I loved those magic belly, secret belly or whatever they called it.

    Kohls was my go-to the last time around. They have a great Motherhood line for about 1/2 as much and even better when you use a coupon!

  15. You are BEAUTIFUL and look ADORABLE in your maternity clothes! {smiles}

  16. Thanks again for loaning me some summer clothes! I am planning to wear one of the dresses tonight on my hot date with Matt!


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