Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dinner Meals

My Four Little Chefs in Training

It seems most days that I spend a large portion of my day in the kitchen.  I cook for  around 30 people (that's all my gang for 3 meals a day), so I feel like I run a small restaurant.  I like to have a dinner schedule so I'm not too unsure of what our big meal for the day will be.  What I did was I wrote down all the meals we like and that I cook regularly.  Then I put them into categories.  Then I designated each day of the week to a category.  One day of the week is for left overs or take-out pizza. Below is a list of my meals in their categories.  Hope this makes sense and can help someone out.  I posted this mostly for me so I can stay on track : )

Roasts           Italian            Mexican        Soups            Seafood        Chicken

Beef                 Spaghetti      Black Bean  Veg. Beef        Salmon          Grilled chicken
Chicken            Baked Ziti    Fajitas           Chicken           Shrimp           Chicken and Broccoli                                                             
                                                                         Noodle           Ettoufee
Ham                  Lasagna       Burritos          Red Beans     Gumbo           Chicken Pot Pie
                                                                          & Rice
Meatloaf           Stuffed Bell   Quesadillas  Spilt Pea         Tuna              Chicken and Dumplings
                           Peppers                                                        Casserole
Beef Tips          Tortellini          Chili                 Lentil            Shrimp          Chicken and Rice
                                                                                                   & Corn Soup 


  1. Thanks for the list- it is inspiring me to do my own- does your husband like most of the stuff you cook?
    And what about your kids- do they give you a hard time about eating certain things?
    I have to ask- when you get pizza - how many do you buy?

  2. Yum! I need to start doing this again!

  3. Hey there! I'm a new 'follower', and I do love your blog! In the past week or so I've been surfing around on your blog, 'getting to know' you. I'm always fascinated with big families because, well.....I have a big family too! I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant with my 8th baby, who is due around March 1st. I like to investigate other big families for wisdom and ideas to make our family run more efficiently. Your blog is great!!

    If you want to 'visit' me, you can find me at
    www.mysupplications.blogspot.com. I love hearing from and making friends with other mamas of big families, so I do hope you'll drop by sometime!

    This chart is a great idea!

  4. Love the picture adorable!Hope you are feeling well.My little one is three weeks already!I love to catch up with your blog.Blessings,Marla

  5. I do not mind if you copy my paragraph:)Would love you to follow my blog?:) Marla

  6. Don't know where I found you but I am so glad I did! keep posting....I love reading:)

  7. Hey Chatty Mommy! To answer your questions........yes, my husband is easy to please. He likes everything as long as it's not too spicy (I'm from south Louisiana and he's from Long Island : )
    My kids are expected to eat what we eat. I don't make 2 different meals. I do have a few kidos that are more picky than the others. Many times they may just eat parts of the meal (like just rice and salad when we have etoufee.) I want them to eat different foods and not grow-up to be picky eaters. I always tell them that they may end up on the mission field and have to eat who knows what!
    When we order pizza, it's NY style so it's very big. We get 1 large cheese, 1 large pepperoni, and a med. veggie.
    Thankfully none of my children have allergies or weight issues, so I can fix a pretty wide variety.

  8. Love the menu! Thanks for posting!!

  9. http://thirteenandfrugal.blogspot.com/2011/01/free-paper-dolls.html

    random, but found this. your girls may like it!

  10. I know I already commented here. I just love the picture. This is frame worthy for sure!:)Marla Grace


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