Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hiking the Pisgah National Forest with 8 Kids

 Yes, we did it.... hiked a 3 mile trail with 8 kids ages 7 months to 17 years.  We've hiked about this far before in the Smoky Mountains with 8 kids, but this year our two oldest were in college and we had two little ones to take their place.  It was a little adventure, it was beautiful and it was fun.

 We had picked a trail out online that was near the cabin we were staying in.  Well on the way to finding that trail, we saw this one.  We didn't want to drive any farther, so we decided to risk it.

 It turned out to be a great trail.  We didn't see any other people the whole time (which this city girl thought was a little scary : ) Caroline brought along her nature journal and her and Anna gathered leaves, flowers and such.  They were being very "homeschoolish"....ha,ha
 The boys climbed up parts of the mountain and across the rocky stream, making me very nervous of course.  
 We had Patrick in the Bjorn and Matthew in a backpack.  We stopped for our picnic lunch, but this was a pretty secluded trail with no picnic benches or anything.  We ate on the ground and tried to keep Matthew from crawling off the mountain.

 You know, hiking is a great, cheap, healthy family activity.  My husband and kids love it and I'm warming up to it too.  I think I just get nervous with all the little ones and fear getting lost for hours or meeting a bear.  

When we got home we googled the trail we went on and found that it was listed as a "strenuous trail".......we were trying to find an easy trail to do.....not even moderate.  I can't believe we made it, especially my 5 and 7 year old daughters that walked the whole way with backpacks!

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  1. Looks absolutely beautiful. We love hiking!!


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