Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Future couponing mom in training


Team "MK and CJ"
Well, I really don't get that much excited, but I know people who do.  They go to the store right when it opens and get all the free things with their coupons.  Then when the "normal/average" couponer like me arrive a few days later, all those free things are gone.  It's OK if you are one of those people, I just don't have the time or coupons to be one of them.  I love saving money, but time is also just as valuable as money to me. Therefore, I don't like to spend a lot of time or money (buying newspapers) or computer ink on the whole coupon thing.  So I have worked out how I can save a good bit of money and not spend too much time. I  also don't like to come home with a bunch of unhealthy food or things that I will never use. The way I have done this is pretty simple.....I use the Grocery Game.  (No, I'm not a rep or trying to get business for them : )  I have found it the easiest, simplest and least time consuming way to coupon.  It does cost a small fee, about $1 a week.  Check it out at thegrocerygame.com.  With the grocery game, it takes me about 30 minutes a week to organize and clip my coupons.  I then save anywhere from $50-$100 a week.  I think that's a pretty good return with the amount of time I spend.  I do buy the Sunday paper for $1.50 each week (the home delievey price), so really I'm only spending $2.50 a week and not printing any coupons either.  The game lets you pick what store you shop at and then tells you what is REALLY a good deal (not just what is on sale) and what coupon to use.  It also includes all the store brand deals so there have been times that I have not clipped any coupons and still saved big.  The cute thing is, my kids think the grocery game is when I give them a coupon and they go through the store and find the item for me.  They love to do this.  Like today when we went the store was pretty quiet and we got three carts and split into "teams."  We all went around finding our items with the coupons and I tried to make it a homeschool, educational experience : ) I'm trying to teach them how to be frugile and healthy at the same time, which is not an easy task. They love to play the grocery game!

Team "Patrick and Luke"


  1. Such a GREAT idea, and how fun! I always thought that when I did have kids I would not be able to bring them with me, but you have made it fun, educational, and super helpful. LOVE IT

  2. My aunt used to play a game with her homeschooled kids by giving them the circulars and telling them they had to make a balanced meal for 5 with under a certain amount- what would they buy?
    I am going to check out the grocery game now- thanks!


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