Saturday, February 25, 2012

Field Trips

Our most recent field trip to the county courthouse.  The Judge took a special liking to Caroline and let her sit in his chair.

One of the great things, I think, about homeschooling is the opportunity to do so many great field trips. I'm not sure how many field trips traditional schools do, but we do at least one a month. Plus, we are in a much smaller group so we get great individual attention and better hands on learning.  When I was just homeschooling a kindergartner and two preschoolers, we did just about one field trip a week.  Usually one with a homeschool group, 2 with friends and 1 by ourselves.  Of course, you can turn just about anything into a field trip, even the grocery store!

So here are some of our favorite field trips we've taken over the last 16 years of homeschooling.  Hope it inspires someone out there!

All sorts of, children's, science, history, etc. And it's great to try different museums when you visit different cities.

Police Station
TV station
Fire and Rescue Department
Plays and Operas 
Antique Car Show
Working Farm
Produce picking
Adventure hikes
Factories (these can be hard to get into with kids)
Rock Quarry
Historic/Colonial Homes
Horse back riding

A field trip to the state fair a few years ago.....they seem so little!


  1. I am still very new to your blog, and love reading about all the various adventures you take. It is so inspiring, to see you do it ALL. If you do not mind me asking...How long do you homeschool your children? (what age/class)

  2. I typically homeschool my children through middle school and put them in a Classical Christian school at 14 (usually 9th grade.) This has worked great for us. I feel that the Christian school is a smooth transition from homeschool to college. Currently though, my 8th grader does not want to attend school next year and really wants to continue homeschooling. Now that I have found Classical Conversations and their high school program, we are thinking of giving it a shot for next year. So, we'll see : )

    1. I cannot wait to hear all about the next adventure! Thank you :)

  3. I think it would be a great post for you to show your children and there (spacing) age. I strictly breastfed all my little's.


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