Saturday, February 18, 2012

What Is In Our Van

Well, it's Saturday.....time to clean out the van!
As we started this monstrous task (because you know we have a monstrous van), I was amazed at the crazy and random things I was finding in it.  So I decided to quickly get paper and a pen and jot down all the things I found in the van.  Yes, all these things were really in there.  Now to get some perspective, the van had not been cleaned out for about 3 weeks.  So here is what we found:

4 tennis balls
1 lacrosse ball
1 helium balloon from the grocery store
3 baby toys
1 razor blade
1 journal
1 music notebook with numerous music sheets falling out
4 jackets
the Baby Bjorn
1 cross necklace
2  bracelets
lip gloss
3 Valentine crafts
1 nice fork
numerous pens and pencils
2 Bibles
1 baby shoe
3 hats
4 dirty socks
1 Cinderella lunch box
1 baby blanket
3 dirty and half-full sippy cups
4 nice hair bows
a plastic piece of cake and plastic corn from the girls' play kitchen
1 church craft
lots of change

and also those things that I actually like to have in the van:
hand sanitizer
lots of CD's
jumper cables
picnic blanket
water bottles
first aide kit

The girls making their yucky faces while helping me clean out the van


  1. What? No moldy banana peels? Or rotten apples? Your van is considered very clean in my book :-)


  2. It all seems pretty "normal" except for the razor blade. That one would have made me nervous.

  3. Haha!! Sounds like my van! I have noticed that those aliens who steal socks from the dryer have expanded to the kitchen... Sippy cups & silverware are disappearing at an alarming rate!! Perhaps I should check the van to see if the aliens stored them in there! ;)

  4. Well, I didn't mention all of the misc. garbage.....thought it might of grossed everyone out : ) Yes, the razor was pretty scary. I think someone had used it recently to scrap something off the window. And the lacrosse ball was really random since none of my kids play lacrosse, well not for the last 3 years anyway : )

  5. Hello,
    I'm a spanish christian mum of four. I read your blog and I consider it one of my favourites ones not only because you're a very experienced mum but also because I love the way you ( and your husband) parent your children.

    Well. I have read about coupons in some blogs but in Spain we do not have coupons and I do not even imagine what are they ( a sort of bargain??) Can you explain, please?

    My English is not as good as I would like but...



  6. Thanks Belen, for your comment. I'm so glad you enjoy my blog ; ) A coupon is a little piece of paper (you can see my daughter holding some in the picture on my couponing post) that takes money off at the check-out for a particular item. You mostly clip these from newspapers and they are made by the manufactuer of the product you are buying. For example, it might say "$1.00 off" for a box of cereal. There is a bar code on the coupon that the cashier scans and then it takes the money off your total bill if you have indeed purchased the exact item. I hope this makes sense to you. Blessings to you!

  7. Thank you very much. Yes, this make sense to me...I think I will use them only if I need the item.
    Thanks again.


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